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Winning. The Sweetest Revenge Of Them All!

Yesterday I got to experience something very odd. Something very satisfying in a gut wrenching way.  Something heartbreaking while uplifting.  As you can tell this something was filled with so many crossed emotions its difficult to nail down the one that was the full on icing on the cake.  But I did manage after some careful reflection and soul searching to make sure that this feeling wasn’t going to send me into a downward spiral of guilt. Because that would be bad.  No. I wanted to ice my cake with a feeling that I could savor for a long time to come.  And I did.  I’m talking about sweet revenge.

Now I know what they say about sweet revenge and that it will eat you up if you let it get out of hand, but in this case I wasn’t the one performing the revenge. I was just watching it happen and was given the opportunity to smile about it. That was enough to spread that warm gooey feeling all over that I’ve needed regarding this subject.

Is it killing you yet that I haven’t spilled the beans about whats so great?

I finally was able to see my new tennis team kick the butts of my old tennis team that screwed me over!  Now ain’t that grand?  Three cheers for me!

I know your thinking that being so happy over a WIN like this is almost insane and I’d have to agree. It also goes against every ounce of sportsmanship I have in my body to be that happy over their demise. However, on this particular occasion I think I’m entitled.  Simply put, this team put me through the ringer about a year ago.  They made me lose my temper.  They made me lose my determination to advance.  They made me lose a good friend.  They made me have to decide between bettering myself as a player at the risk of having to continue on in their unsportsmanlike ways or settling for being second best just so I could keep my dignity. I chose the higher road and settled for being second best so I could maintain the pride in myself that I worked hard to gain.  I decided at the time that no one, and no sport, is worth losing that. And thats where I drew the line.

At that point I did start looking at different avenues to achieve that upward climb and found that there were road blocks a mile high.  And in the world of woman’s tennis sometimes those walls are simply too high to climb without falling off and hurting yourself more. So my outlook was bleak. Then about a month ago an opportunity came up out of the blue.  A team that I thought was so far out of reach for me. A team that was on the top of the A list. A team that I’ve always admired and desired to be a part of but never dreamed possible. A team that to join it someone would practically have to die to create room. A team of winners! They came to me, little ole’ me, and asked if I would join them.  Just like that!

And just like that my first impression of the higher level tennis changed with renewed hope. It gave me hope that I could really be part of this. It gave me hope that I could finally draw on those dormant skills I’ve held back because they weren’t necessary and were rotting away at the lower level I was seemingly going to be swimming in forever. I would now get the opportunity to grow! To bloom! To prove that I’ve got what it takes to be at that higher level and to take my place next to those who have always felt better than me because of a number after their name.

I am now part of a team of woman that after which I’ve tried to model the other teams I’ve lead. They have been the trend setters in my mind when it came to sportsmanship, hard work, and determination to succeed.  And now I get to be a part of that. And with that comes the heavy duty to not let the feelings of sweet revenge take over my perception of things but to use that feeling as a jumping off point to give me strength and the desire to continue to grow.  And with hard work and determination I know I will.  Yes, I still did allow myself a few small giggles of glee when I saw my new team running over my past team like they were old tires!  It was, simply put, the icing on the cake!  And it made my year!

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Love and Kisses!

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