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Colossal-Ginormous-Mamoth-Rainbow Cake

I challenged myself last week to see just how good of a baker I could be.  First off let me say… yes I used a box mix!  Get over it!  With this cake the only way to survive it was to box it!   However I can proudly say that I’m fully aware of and can make a great cake from scratch, thank you very much.  So I’m allowed to cheat especially when its this I’m working on.

Imagine… 6 layers… 6 boxes of cream cheese for the frosting… 6 different colors.  Have I grabbed your attention yet?

About 6 months ago I was reading another woman’s website whom many of you probably already read or have at least checked out, My Charming Kids, and she was describing this cake that her friend brought to their lady bloggers gathering.   When I saw the pictures she had of this cake I book marked the page and told myself that one day I would have the chance.

And then bam! My friend is pregnant! (Just like that!) (BAM!) And now I have the excuse to make it! Yay!



That will mean a baby shower…..

Oh CRAP! Did I just offer to host a baby shower just so I could make a stupid cake? I think I did!

(note* I love my friend and would go to the ends of the earth for her but I DON’T DO baby showers! Unless no one else was throwing one and then of course I would do it because she’s my friend and every momma needs a showering of love and diapers. But I wasn’t the only one hosting so WHY? WHY? Why did I do this to myself… ARG!)

And many times that entire day and a half it took to make this thing did I say I’d make this cake?

Oh ya!


Check it out…

And just so you can get the true idea of how tall this thing was…

LOOK! One slice is bigger than my hand. (note* purple bottom layer is not on the knife because they don’t make cake knifes big enough for this monster!)

This is what I used to make it…. Except for the vanilla…. I forgot to add the vanilla!… To the picture that is.

And then all those ingredients turned into these yummy looking bowls of sweet sugary cake goo.

Which then turned into 6 lovely rainbow colored layers that are almost impossible to resist for a toddler with a stool to stand on.

“Look behind you Mom! It’s a young Kurt Russell naked!!”

She didn’t fool me just in case you were wondering.  Even when she tried to distract me with a momentary shirt stuck on head problem.

All in all I had a blast making this cake and I would do it again.  However I will also find out where the location is BEFORE I try to travel with this cake.  One of the other hostess’s of the party offered up her house and little did I know that she lived on the curviest road in the state.  I had the plate locked down so it wouldn’t move but the mass of cake on top was shimmering like jello all the way there.

If you would like the recipe please go here for that. And if you would like some advice on how to make it please feel free to ask away!

OH! I forgot to add that EVERY LAST BITE WAS EATEN OR TAKEN HOME!!  That’s not bad for a cake that size!  I think I did good!

AND EJ finally did get a slice of heaven too.

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