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Boogie Wipes Review And Giveaway!-CLOSED

Awhile back I was given the opportunity to try out the product Boogie Wipes.  If you’re a mom I know you’ve seen these cute little green packages sitting on the counters at baby stores or maybe recently in the sniffle and sneezing, baby Tylenol aisle.  The boogie green package is hard to miss and then the name forces even the most frustrated mom to want to smile a little.  But then you walk away thinking they are just a novelty.  Well, my friends, I am here to say they are not just a basic wet wipe with a cute name.  These things rock!  And they have continue to rock for our family with this rather rough snot and snort season we’ve had.  As they say on their website Boogie Wipes are “Snot your average wipe!”

Since I’ve been trying out Boogie Wipes I’ve been keeping little notes about our usage and thoughts on this product.  Not being one to just rip open a package, take a sniff and a wipe, and declare it useful or not, I like to take my sweet time to be able to get the full appreciation of a product before giving my opinions. Here are my findings:

First a dialog between my husband and I on the first day of use:

Me to Hubby: “I want to know what your first impression of Boogie Wipes is.  You have the more “effected” nose.”

Hubby: “Their wet.”

Me (fighting the urge to roll my eyes) : “No really. I need your input.”

Hubby: “Their kinda soothing.”

Me: “OK, good one.  How do you think they would be the most effective?”

Hubby: “I already told you they were soothing.”

Me (small sigh, eyes remaing steady): “Details babe, I need details.  I can’t read your mind and neither can my readers.”

Hubby (with conviction in his voice): “You should be able to.”

Me (with conviction in my voice): “Bite me.”

******silent staring contest commences******

Me (louder sigh, still eyes remain in my head): “So??? When would you want to use them?”

Hubby: “In the morning.”

Me: “Why in the morning?”

Hubby: “Because that’s when you have to dig in there and get the dried up stuff out.”

Me: (mostly silent except for small gagging noises)

Hubby (smiling at me sweetly): “You said wanted my input.”

Me (left gagging, questioning my judgement, and trying to catch my rolling eye balls): “Why me?”

So there you have it folks.  Hubby’s input if you can call it that.  But little did I know that his first impression would become more of a Boogie Wipes obsession.  Read on further to find out why….

My first impression was a little different and a lot more sane.  I liked the way the fresh scent flavor smelled.  I can smell it on my hands right now and it’s lovely.  I would almost want to use these as hand wipes just so I can have the refreshing smell.  Almost better then any expensive perfume! A PLUS  in the mom world where too many things smell… um… not so fresh and mostly like poop.  On top of the great scent however there are also the facts!  They are made with natural saline to help dissolve boogies unlike dry tissues. And instead of using baby wipes on my daughters face these are hypoallergenic, alcohol free, and have moisturizers like aloe, vitamin E, and chamomile.

EJ even has her own opinions about Boogie Wipes. She didn’t mind at all when I wiped her face clean with one, including her nose, which is always tricky and can make her rather combative and abusive towards her mother.  And they left my baby smelling like the Fresh Scent too.  Baby perfume perhaps?

Since those first couple trial days a package of Boogie Wipes has made itself a permanent home on a shelf next to our tissue box in the kitchen.  And, since the first tragically expressive opinions laid out by my husband, he has become rather possessive of them. For example, today I went to clean some dried oatmeal off my daughters face and the closest wet item to me was the package of Boogie Wipes.  As I started to reach for them my hubby stopped me and told me not to waste them on things they aren’t supposed to be used for.  “But she’s crusty?” I replied.  He continued to read to me what the package says word for word: “For quick, effective clean-up and relief of stuck on boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold and allergies.” And I am left silent with my crusty child as he walks away with the package tucked safely in his hand.

As far as I’m concerned dried on oatmeal has the same consistency of dried boogies so I wasn’t seeing what the big deal was. But I can certainly see that we will be keeping Boogie Wipes around our house from now on.  And I will also be hiding my own package in my purse for those away from home boogie emergencies!

Here’s the good part!  The Giveaway!  You have a chance to win 3 of your very own 30 count packages of Boogie Wipes in all three flavors: grape, menthol, and fresh (or shall I say mom’s new perfume?).  Here’s how you can win:

Mandatory Entry (all others are void unless this one happens first):

Go to the Boogie Wipes website and then come back and leave me a comment telling me how you would use your Boogie Wipes.  (Besides on boogies of course because that’s just too easy.)  Be creative!  For example they are my new perfume! Best answer will win my devotion and their answer will be featured on the post when I name a winner.  Please be sure to leave an e-mail address so you can be contacted if you win. If no e-mail address is provided another winner will be selected.

Bonus Entries(There’s a lot because these are the fun ones!)

IMPORTANT!!! Each comment is an entry! For example if you become Facebook my fan leave 2 separate comments! If you have any questions about this please e-mail me at!

  • Join the “Boogie Bunch” and get your $1 off coupon! Leave a comment letting me know you did it! (1 entry)
  • Follow Boogie Wipes on on Facebook and Twitter. (1 entry/each)
  • Subscribe to my blog on Google Friend Connect and/or NetworkedBlogs(on my sidebar) or tell me you already do and leave me your user name so I can find you.  Or grab my RSS feed for your feed reader of choice. (1 entry)
  • Grab my “Blog BuTTon” (also found on my sidebar) and add it to your website.  Leave me a link telling me where it is so I can admire it. (1 entry)
  • Read and leave a comment on any of my other posts.  Then come back and tell which one you commented on! (1 entry/per comment/as many as you want till contest is over)
  • Blog about this giveaway. Again, please be sure to tell me where you did it and leave a link back so I can brag about it! (5 entries)
  • Become my Fan on Facebook If you are already a fan tell me who you are to enter! (2 entries)
  • Follow me on Twitter or if you already do tell me who you are! (1 entry)
  • Tweet it! (1 entry/per tweet/as many as you want till contest is over) Leave the link to each tweet with each entry/comment. Please copy and paste this to twitter although cute variations are welcomed!  “Boogie Wipes Giveaway @Mommysjoy Lots of ways to enter and win! Please RT”
  • E-mail 5 friends about this giveaway (please e-mail me a copy too at entries!!-leave a separate comment for each entry)

Contest will close on March 3rd 2010 at 11:59 PM central standard time.  All entries after that time will be tossed out without bias.  Winner will be chosen with  Winner will be notified by e-mail and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.

*note* In effort to have full disclosure about my reviewing practices I want to add that Boogie Wipes sent me a free sample to try out in return for my honest thoughts and review.  If you decide to purchase Boogie Wipes and you and/or someone in your family doesn’t fall in love (or unnatural love such as my husband) and are unsatisfied with the product do not feel that it is in anyway my fault.  The opinions I’ve stated are as true and as honest as I can get but I am human therefore my opinion may differ from yours.  However, if you are not human, please feel free to take me to court where I will again state for the record that these are my true heartfelt opinions and nothing more.  So there…. *raspberries*

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