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Shaa? Shaa?

Our daughter does a lot of odd things. I know you think I’m just reacting to cute little whatnots like when we think our newborns are smiling when they really are just passing gas. However in this case I’m not over reacting. My kid really does odd things. Ok, maybe calling her things odd is a little harsh. How about this…. She’s quirky with a side of little stinker. Quirky in the sense that when I tell her not to hit me, as she is reaching out to smack me with that little attention grabbing hand, she will then just softly and slowly poke me with her finger. All while wearing a cute, little, what I like to refer to as a shit eating grin on her face. Or quirky in how she insists on having apple juice in the morning over any other drink and will chunk her sippy across the room if I dare to try to get her have anything else. She watches me closely to see what I’m pouring in there by the way. And before I start getting hate mail about how bad I feed my kid, water is just fine and welcomed by her the rest of the day but she HAS to have her juice in the morning! Its like a coffee fix for toddlers!, I could go on and on with her list of quirks. She’s smart and SASSY and has her momma’s twisted sense of humor I’m afraid. Is this what my parents had to put up with? Yikes!

But now she has started to call my husband by his first name. I haven’t heard her utter the words Dada alone in a couple weeks. She will say Dada a couple times then she will say his first name. “Dada! Dada! Shaa? Shaa?” And please note my use in punctuation (exclamation points and questions marks) because she will first scream “Dada” and then start asking for “Shaa” with the cutest change in tone. But then she will keep asking for “Shaa” “Shaa” “Shaa” over and over until his attention is fully focused on her. It hilarious to hear her scream his first name over and over when he comes into the room. Or my top favorite “Hi Shaa”. Can you tell she’s daddy’s little girl? The only time she says, Mama with a sweet little voice, is when I’m mad at her and she’s sucking up. Yes, my quirky little she devil does that too. When she see’s I’m getting mad or starting to lose my cool she will walk up to me and hug my legs. Or if I’m sitting she will crawl up on my lap and give me a big hug. She knows this will melt me.


She really is great with first names too. One of her first words was her aunts name whom in think she thinks of as her second MaMa since she’s around so much. But to hear her call her dad by his first name really solidifies the fact that my quirky baaayy-bee is growing up and turning into a snotty teenager right before my very eyes! Next thing I know she will be sneaking out of her room to meet up with some snotty boy named Snot! Arrg! Why have all my recent posts about my daughter ended with a minor freak out about my daughter growing up!!!! That’s it! Time to have another just so I have a wee little one that will still call me Mama because next thing you know EJ will be calling me “(sigh) Mooomm” and rolling her eyes at me! Oh! Wait! There are already times she calls me Mom. “Mama. Mama. Mom!!! Mom!!!” (Please note my punctuation again, as if she is already blaming me for losing her car keys.) (Sigh)

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