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It’s A New Day!

I think I’m a little excited this morning.  Like a kid waiting to go to their first day of school.  The excitement of a new day, a fresh start, new people.  And because I was always the geek, new school supplies. (squeee!) And all those new books I would get to lug around all day till my arms fell off.  (So that part wasn’t so great.) But, as I always do, I would wake up before my alarm clock which I had set 30 minutes early anyways just in case I needed a little snooze time.  And now I’m sitting here, just like then, wide awake with excitement.

Today isn’t my first day of school. Nor is it really the first day of anything new to me.  It is however the first day of a new tennis season for my woman’s tennis team.  Which is a fresh start, with new faces, and clean slate.  And that is always exciting!

For many of you who are new to my site, on and off you hear me complain about the woman’s tennis team that I challenge myself with captaining every season.  I love it.  I’ll just say that now but it does suck up all my time, energy, and brain power for countless days until the new seasons starts.  Organizing, recruiting, organizing practices a couple times a week (just try to get 15 women in the same place at the same time, HA!), signing people up (making sure those who are signing up can navigate the computer sign up process), answering questions about what is expected of the new players, calming the fears of those new teammates, taking in the million e-mails that cross my desktop about who would like to partner with who this season (even though it’s not going to happen that way and even if it did they would end up hating each other-because I’m the captain and I…just…know this will happen), holding the hands of the nervous newbies, and patting the heads of the returning players (or more like kissing their butts).  Its all a process that leads up to this very day.  The first day, the first match, of the very first season of the new year.

This process is what gives me sleepless nights worrying that I have enough players.  Wondering if, even though I technically have enough bodies on the team, will I be able to fill 8 spots each match day?  Filling out spreadsheets full of match days that the ladies can’t play because they have already promised to volunteer at their kids schools to pass out milk or, in some cases, they are jetting off to France last minute for a quick extended weekend. (Yep, that’s happened!)  It’s the pulling out of my hair as I realize that, no I won’t have enough people, and the begging of someone, anyone, to change their plans so the other teammates wont be let down.  It the realization that even with having enough bodies, I will only have 7 for my first match of the season.  That’s one default already of the 5 different matches that will make up our first day.  A default that I feel like my team blames me for in some way even though I know they understand that I have no control over their lives and therefore their schedules.  But it still stings.

Yep, I’m buzzing with excitement this morning, because along with all the team issues I will be going out and playing MY first match of the new season and year today too.  Will this be the season that my rank finally goes up after all these years of waiting? As a captain I’ve sacrificed myself to my team which has caused a large lag in the ranking system.  I have too many matches under my belt which makes it harder to change the average.  In many ways I’ve been left behind as I watch all my friends move up and away in rank. I still see them around but they are in different seasons of their own.  Will I get to join them finally?  Will I finally get to play at the skill level that will challenge me more? But then will I also lose my team that I love and foster each season?

Bitter sweet.

It’s a new day. Time to go tie my shoes.

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