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Can Of Worms With A Side Of Politics Please

I really did it this time!  When I opened myself up to questions I was really thinking on a different level than I guess the rest of my readership was. In many ways I was hoping to get some questions about maybe my parenting choices… because you know I’m a guru at that…snort, snort, cough!  Or maybe something about what I thought about a book, or a new website, or even Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity.  Who knew?  I left the door wide open fully expecting, instead of one of the previous great topics I just mentioned, I would get someone wanting to know what was my favorite color of panty I would wear when I was naked and breast feeding my daughter in the morning.  Or, even having to answer yes, those really are my boobs and they really are that big.  Yep, that’s the kind of really important stuff I thought I’d have to wade through.  And frankly after receiving my one and only question in two days since I posted my request I’m now really wishing it was about my underwear.

The one topic I’ve sworn off on my website, and the one topic that I’ve even banned my hyper-conservative mother from commenting about (and your still banned on it in the future even though I’m breaking my own rules) is politics.  And, of course, thats the direction of my one lone comment.  YIPPY!

Daddy Forever writes:

“How about health care? Obama’s health plan seems to be a touchy subject for most people. And now thanks to Massachusetts, it looks like the plan will die.”

I asked for it and got it didn’t I?  ARRG!  Daddy Forever, I’ll get you for this one!!!  One day, one post, I’ll sneak up and give you an online wedgie so watch your backside mister!!  And please, all my other readers who chose to just blog stalk instead of asking me about my panties, please go visit his site! He’s got the cutest kids ever and he’s brave enough to put it all out there and challenge the ways of the mommy bloggers head on.  And that takes guts my friends!  I mean, he was brave enough to ask me about healthcare and risk my wrath wasn’t he? 🙂

I’ll have to admit to doing some pleading with the universe when I asked for ideas to please, please, please not let me wake up to anything with the name Obama in it.  Because then it would force me to either wuss out and not answer the question or face my worst fear, ok one of my worst fears, of voicing my opinion and opening myself and my website baby up to loads of scrutiny or hate mongers who can’t handle diverse opinions and feel the need to change my mind with every breath.  ***deep breath***   And that in a nutshell is why I avoid talk of politics.

And that is also why I’m adding this disclaimer to my answer since instead of wussing out I will be going ahead and giving my heartfelt opinion.  And, lucky you mom, I will also not wuss out by closing the comments on this page.  I will be welcoming your thoughts too (even you mom) as long as there is no name calling (mom), rabble rousing (mom), or conspiracy theorizing (mom).  With that being said I must also state that my opinion is my own, I’m entitled to it just as much as you are entitled to yours. I will have enough respect for you to not ask you to change your minds but I ask that you have respect for me, and the other commenters (if anyone else reads my site because I’m still questioning that due to the lack of perverts who missed their opportunity) to not try to change theirs.  That is all….

OH WAIT!  I guess I’d better answer the question too huh?


My thoughts on Obama’s heath care plan….

While I can see a giant need for changes in the way that health care is approached in the United States I don’t feel like it’s the responsibility of the government to FIX me.  It is not their job to teach me to not jump off a bridge nor is it their job to fix me once I do.  I feel it is the responsibility of the PERSON who is doing the jumping to pay to fix themselves AND the responsibility of the parental figures, or responsible person, in that persons life to teach them to have the common sense not to jump.  (Replace the idea of jumping off a bridge with all the other stupid things that people do to themselves wether its drugs, driving too fast on a slippery road, or getting bit by a rabid squirrel.)

Do I have thoughts on how to fix the healthcare system without taking the responsibility for MY health out of MY hands? YES!

Its starts with the individual American:

I feel as if the major population of the United States needs to get off their duffs and pick up the phone and start calling around to find the best deals at the doctors offices instead of depending on a simple co-pay.  You don’t buy a car without asking how much it will cost to insure it do you? (I.e., Hot little sports car = expensive to cover…. 4 door grandma sedan/boat= affordable car insurance.) So why head into a doctors office without knowing exactly what it will cost?

Then the doctors need to be accountable too:

With that being said the doctors office needs to stop overcharging the insurance companies for everything!  Just once, the next time your in your doctors office, ask what the “cash price” is for the service you’re getting and then look on your bill to see what they charged your insurance company.  I’ll bet in many cases you will find a massive markup.  Because you know that bandaid costs 100X as much because the check the insurance company will be sending is just that much more difficult for the doctors office to cash….once it gets there.

And that leads to the responsibility of the insurance companies:

Once the people start taking responsibility and the doctors offices stop taking advantage maybe the Insurance Companies will have the opportunities they need to choose to become more honest and reputable and will stop forcing the prices of health care coverages to sky rocket to the point where the responsible people in the Country can afford to be responsible.

It’s got to start somewhere and I truly think the responsibility for the changes we need to make lie in the individuals hands and not the government’s.  Once we take responsibility for ourselves and speak up and force the changes in the doctors offices and then the insurances companies then maybe we can all afford healthcare.

Does the government have a say in all of this? ABSOLUTELY!

But I think their say should NOT be when and where we as individuals are allowed health care but simply to monitor and make sure that the doctors offices and insurance companies are not trying to take advantage of the individual.

Can I back up my theory? YES!

Look in one direction folks! Look north!  Look at Canada!  I’ve NEVER heard a Canadian speak of how much they LOVE their healthcare system.  Sure they love the lack of the dent it puts in their wallets but just ask them how much they love it when they are waiting to be ALLOWED to see a doctor for their condition before it’s so bad they are screaming in pain.  Just try to pick up the phone and make a doctors appointment for something that isn’t deemed critical in the same week as the phone call.  I spoke to a man in Vancouver one day who couldn’t help but go on and on about how bad it sucked when he broke his leg.  He knew he had a broken leg.  He had already been to the ER and with X-rays in hand, a temporary splint on his leg, and a prescription to follow up with a doctor he had to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment because he wasn’t important enough.

Do we really want that kind of care in this country?  Sure it’s free.  Sure it looks nice on paper.  But when it comes to my healthcare I would much rather have the CHOICE of who I’d like to see, and when, versus being told I’m not sick enough to warrant a doctors visit.  And that in a nutshell is nationalized health care in my opinion.

Should everyone have the right to have AFFORDABLE healthcare?? YES!

But not at the expense of GOOD healthcare.

As for Massachusetts and the new twist in the political arena, I think it’s going to go a long way in helping keep our government honest and force them to look at different avenues to fix this countries healthcare system WITHOUT taking the responsibility out of the hands of the individual. But I also think they were playing with their own agenda in their own states politics.  And while what happens in Massachusetts may have an effect on my future I could really care less what is happing with their in own state political play pen.

And lastly… Obama.  And this IS where I wuss out folks!  I’m not willing to touch that subject with a 10 foot pole anymore than I would want to touch him with a 10 foot pole!

And that my friends is MY OPINON!

* remember comments are open but BE NICE or I will be forced to beat you with my delete button!

**Also, I’m still open for suggestions and ideas.  Just no more politics!  I just blew my stack on this one!

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