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Mommy’s Joy 2.0

Wow!  I just realized that it’s been a whole month since I last posted!  First off let me say I’m sorry to all my friends out there who commented and e-mailed and who took the time to care.  Please don’t take my silence as a cold shoulder. And another apology to all my readers, while most of you were staying silent, I know you were still wondering what happened to me. Lets just say on New Year’s Eve I was jumping up and down like a kid who just got a pony for Christmas welcoming 2010 because that meant that 2009 was OVER!  GONE!  BYE BYE!

Can you tell that after my Grinch post things just steadily got worse for the entire month of December?  Prepare yourselves while I break into a minor bitch session.

I’ve been having the worst non-stop case of allergies that I’ve ever had. Itchy, runny, red irritated nose. Burning, clogged up, itchy sinuses. Scratchy, itchy, ouchy throat. Burning, runny, and did I mention itchy eyes? Even my skin has been itchy. I’ve eaten enough allergy meds to dry up and elephants runny nose and it still won’t stop.  I think this is another “wonderful” change that happened post-baby, at least thats what I’m blaming it on, and something EJ will pay for when I get old and she has to take care of me.  Maybe left over kleenex in my pockets when she goes to do my laundry???  Hmm, I”ll have to debate that one.  And then because of my non stop dribble drip I ended up with a lovely chest infection.  Hacking and coughing my way into a wonderful case of Bronchitis that will not seem to cease entirely because of the slimy ooze still running into my lungs at night when I pretend to sleep. Nothing like coughing up a lung to start your day I always say!

And that was just the physical issues I’ve had.  Ice that snot cake with all off with a nasty case of “family gone crazy” of which is too fresh and too painful and would hurt too many others to share with the general world.  Sorry all, some things just need to remain private.  But let me just say our family dynamic changed this Christmas and will never be the same again. It has shaken us all to our roots and will effect our family forever. And that’s a shame.

And with that note I just told you about my entire holiday season! Yay!

Bring on the new year baby!

Actually it hasn’t been all bad.  My parents have been in town for a couple weeks enjoying EJ who has been enjoying all the attention from Grandma and Grandpa.  And that’s a blessing if I want to start counting them.  Oh! And my sister brought enough yummy chocolate brownies with her to keep even the worst chocoholics emotions at bay. And that’s no small feat with this set of genetics that have been rolling around my house all month.

And since one thing effects all things, all of this drama has made it impossible to write anything.  Truthfully I’ve bottled up all the emotion and I’m only letting it out in very small doses because if I let it out too fast it will overwhelm me.  And since I’ve either had a sticky kleenex in my hand or way too much upset going on in my head, a giant road block was tossed at my blog.  And that explains my disappearance and now my apologies. Everyday I would wake up and tell myself that I need to write something or at least post a picture of EJ doing something cute.  But the thought of looking at my computer for that long was almost painful.  And then I would start coughing and the thought would be shaken, literally, out of my head.  But then later in the day it would drift back in like a little snake winding it’s way through my brain.  I would feel like I was letting you all down, and worst of all, letting myself down.  Causing myself loads of unnecessary pressure on top of the pressurized glob (in my sinuses and in my emotions). That’s when, about mid December, I decided to stop fretting and just allow myself the time off I needed.  I did write a post explaining my disappearance but I never had the energy to finish it. Or maybe fate stepped in and stopped me because it knew the drama was just starting to unfold and it wouldn’t be finished ravaging my head for a while.  Who knows what possessed me to deny you all those thoughts.  But just making the attempt to explain it to myself took some of the pressure off me. Which was what I needed.

And now with 2010 firmly installed in my head…  I feel… better.  Less pressurized. I’ve always wanted to focus on quality on my website. Not quantity.  And that basic rule, while causing minor lapses in posting due to not having anything good to share, will always remain a priority.  Mix that in with a large dose of adorable in the form of pictures of my daughter and maybe a couple reviews and giveaways when I feel the product is worthy of my attention and, we folks, will have a functioning blog again.  Call it Mommy’s Joy 2.0.

Ok, lets not call it that.  Lets just call it a new start with a new mind set for this new year.  And that’s one hell of a resolution in my book. I’m saving losing 10 pounds for 2011.  Wouldn’t want to cause myself more stress right? I must go eat brownie now…..nom, nom, nom.

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