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There is this Christmas groove I’m supposed to be able to jump into right about now.  You know. Get in the Christmas spirit.  But all I’m feeling is Bah-hum-bug.  I keep saying to myself.  Maybe I’ll feel more into it after I take EJ to see Santa. Maybe I’ll feel more into it if I get some Christmas shopping done.  Maybe once I get our tree up and the house decorated.  Maybe the thought of all that feels so overwhelming all I really want to do is skip December entirely.  Oh wait! That’s a bad idea! Because then we are one month closer to January. My birthday month. The month I turn…… ARRG….. 35!

Excuse me while I go hyperventilate for a minute!

I’m thinking maybe I should just give up on that groove and jump into another one.  The thoughts of Jolly Ole’ St. Nick just make me irritated.  The idea of wrapping all those gifts just make me think of paper cuts.  And GAACK, Christmas cookies.  I think I need to find a new groove.  I highly doubt my husband will go for switching religions and I don’t REALLY want to stop Christmas from happing but why can’t I just be less “Ho ho ho” about it?  Who says I have to be all perky wearing tinsel in my hair?  Why can’t I walk around like my dad, Bah-hum-bugging everywhere?  I can still enjoy looking at the pretty lights and the presents right?


All right, I guess I’m just feeling a little of the Christmas blues.  I know once I start seeing more days count off the calendar and I start moving the little stuffed Santa down the “days till Christmas” thing my Grandmother made, I’ll start getting more excited.  Lots of good things happen during Christmas.  I get to see my parents for one.  They live on the other side of the map and we don’t get to see each other much unless you count webcams. And then there is the way the house smells with the tree in it.  Getting to torture the dogs by putting antler headbands on them. After Christmas sales!!! And yes of course, the pretty pretty lights and the presents.

So maybe this year I won’t be wearing little Christmas tree bulbs from my ears starting at Turkey day, but I can fake it till I feel it!

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