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Toe Lint

There are so many other things that my daughter could obsess over. Her blanky. Her favorite toy. Mommy or daddy. OK, she does obsess about daddy a little. And there are so many things that we as moms can only wish our offspring would become obsessed with accomplishing. Doing their homework without having to be reminded 20 times, cleaning up their own messes, wiping their own butts are a few off the top of my head. But my daughter’s obsession has left me shaking my head in wonder, slight amusement, but mostly horror. My daughter is completely obsessed by her toe lint. Not her cute little wiggly toes but the giant fur balls left wedged between said cute toes by her socks. Nice right? Every mom’s dream! A daughter that likes to play with her toe lint. One day I’m feeling like my daughter is on the fast tract to CEO and the next I’m hoping her trailer is at least a double wide.

Picture this. The minute we take her socks off or bare her feet in anyway she grabs her foot, hunches over, and gets to pickin’ and diggin’. The look on her face is priceless too. She looks like she is really concentrating hard.
Making sure she checks every crack for the offending fuzz. And it’s not like she just tosses the lint away like any normal person does. Oh no! See, she’s not a normal person. She a toddler with a toe lint obsession. When she digs out her prize she wads it up and rolls it back and forth between her fingers until it either is forgotten or it disintegrates into the same abyss that last Cheerio ends up. (I really do think, in an alternate universe somewhere, that there is a giant mountain of missing socks from my dryer and underneath it, wound like veins of gold, are the missing Cheerio crumbs.)  I just hope her mission isn’t to weave a rug or a rope ladder to escape from her bedroom at night.

I know this is probably just a momentary obsession like many of the things that kids cross paths with such as feeling the need to collect all the acorns in the yard or Oh look! A little shred of paper on the floor. It’s the prettiest shred of paper EVER!!! But what if it doesn’t flit away with the sight of the next shiny object?  What if it becomes a life long obsession?  What if when she’s older and meets the man of her dreams he finds her hunched over in the bathroom one night digging for gold?  What if he is so offended by this less than lady like action that he leaves her for someone more Stepford?  Or, even worse, what if the “man of her dreams” is also a fellow toe lint picker who’s gotten fired from every fast food job he’s ever had because his fingers always smell like feet?  What if they have a whole passel of toe lint picking children?  My grandchildren will also smell like feet!!!!!  AAARRRRGGGG!

Ok, so I went off the deep end there for a moment.  But no really… toe lint.  Maybe I’ll just try to distract her next time by showing her how her finger fits nicely in her nose hole.  Yep, that’ll work!

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