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The Playground Bully

I was wondering how long it would take until EJ encountered “the playground bully”. I knew it would happen one day and I guess you only pray that your child can handle it.  (Or that they aren’t the bully themselves…yikes!) My daughter dealt with the situation brilliantly, as I would have expected from her obvious high level of intelligence and confidence. (Can you see me puffing my chest out?)   I, on the other hand, not so much.  I was ready to have a conniption fit. I’ve never felt the urge to snarl like a rabid dog at another person’s child but today I was ready to bite.

Unknowingly, on this day, on this particular playscape that we plopped our daughter on, would also harbor a boy sized germ… ahem… bully.  (She’s not really able to haul herself up the ladders to reach these particular heights yet, so we “plop”.) On one of the levels there is a steering wheel that spins and some wooden levers to imitate a boats drivers seat. My little girl was really only interested in looking at it because she’s not quite into the function of things yet, but this germ… ahem… bully wouldn’t let her even get near it.  Any time she got close to that level he would jump over and block her.  When she would drift somewhere else on the playscape he would go about his infection of the other toys… ahem… I mean playing, meanwhile keeping a very intense close watch on the steering wheel.  Ej is still slow on the playscape, moving carefully and deliberately from one area to the other so she was easy target for this steering wheel stalking bug…ahem…boy. The other kids, a little older and more aware of themselves, would only give the germ…ahem…boy an odd look when he would start trying to shove his way onto the steering wheel when they were playing with it. Because of this, the little bully would only stand, hovering over them instead, I’m assuming giving instructions on how to drive his boat.  Because, you know, he must have peed on it or something to claim his territory before we got to the playground.  (Can you hear my teeth gnashing?)

But instead of crying and getting upset, my little girl would just give him the look you would give a dysfunctional lunatic, she’s good at that one, and would turn around and go a different direction.  She didn’t quite understand what was happening or why this turd… I mean germ… AHEM… boy was being mean and not letting her play.  But she wasn’t going to let it ruin her fun time.  She is apparently older and wiser than her mother and has more control over her emotions.  That or she’s just biding her time.  Not sure which.  I guess I’ll find out later when she’s a teenager.

Taking a deep cleansing breath now.  Gaining my self control back….

Today, Ej never got her chance. And I held my fangs at bay, barely.  Today she wasn’t fast enough or big enough to shove her way in, but one day little germ… ahem… boy she’s going to eat your lunch and tell you that you’re going to like watching her do it.  She is silent now….Waiting, watching for the day to step on your foot you big bully. And I’ll be a proud momma on that day.

Thanks for letting me vent…


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