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Deep Breath In…….. And…. GO!

Even though it’s Monday, and I rarely post on Monday’s because I’m lazy and I like to take Monday’s off, I thought I’d at least drop a line or two, or maybe just one really long run-on sentence  just to remind all of you that I’m still alive and to remind myself that I do have a blog that people actually read from time to time that I’m responsible for updating and not leaving my readers wondering if something tragic or maybe even something amazing happend in my life that I’m neglecting to share because I’m either wallowing in self pity or secretly harboring a wonderful story that I’m being greedy by not sharing and that will make everyone either cry or laugh but in reality is just because I’ve been so busy lately with Halloween that I haven’t had time or the brain power to become creative enough to feel like I had anything real to add to the bloggy world so I’ve held my words back until I had something better to give everyone except for really long run-on sentence that makes you all wish that I would just hit the damn period key and JUST FINISH IT ALREADY!   *deep breath* HA! Fooled ya! You thought you’d get a period when all you got was a lowsy exclamation point! *raspberries* to you all!

Annnddd, G’day to ya!  Happy Monday!

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