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Blog? What Blog?

I think I have a blog somewhere but I can’t find it right now.

My life has been a little crazy for the last few days which only seems to effect how dirty my house is and my blogging but in this case I won’t complain too much.  This craziness might have also saved our butts the other night.  Try this one on for size.  The other night, Sunday night, just as I was FINALLY starting to fall asleep, EJ decided to wake up.  This was around 1:30 AM.  She didn’t cry or fuss but was just awake playing in her crib.  So it kept me awake with that instinctive “momma knows” bell going off in my head.  Several times as I would finally start drifting off she would start making noise again.  Then around 4:30 I decided I needed to go check on her because, when I would check the webcam (yes my daughter has a webcam on her crib-HELLO! Household full of geeks!) she would just lay there with her eyes open staring into space. Then she would squiggle around a lot and get frustrated because she couldn’t get comfy. She hadn’t pooped the day before soooo, ya know….  I wanted to make sure she didn’t have a dirty diaper or something else wrong.  Since she’s such a good sleeper her being up for 3 hours in the middle of the night was strange.  But she was fine, just a case of insomnia like her Momma.  She just needed a little intervention I guess to fall back to sleep.  I went in and rocked her for about 20 mins, relaxes me too, and then put her in her crib.  However, she was still awake thanks to our cat Krispie invading the room right about when I thought I’d try to put her back down.  EJ doesn’t say cat, although she sometimes will say something resembling Krispie Cat, but mostly she will say “Meeyoww” and mimic the cat.  So when Krispie came in EJ started meeyowing at her.  So here I have a super tired blob of a baby in my arms, face on my chest, Meeyowwing at the cat but not even lifting her head up.  But I put her in her crib as is.  She didn’t quite care for it and fussed for about a minute and then gave up.  Then she FINALLY started falling asleep.  Ahhhhh, bliss.

Until about an hour later when I finally started thinking I could possibly fall asleep.  WRONG! What was I thinking?? This was about 5:45.  I started smelling something like smoke in the house.  Many times I might think I smell something or get up to investigate something odd my insomniac imagination will dream up. But this time it was real.  I went into Hubby’s office and, while it wasn’t filled with actual smoke,  there was a really stinky, burning plastic type of smell in there.  I woke him up and we both started unplugging things and searching for the source. We could never find it and the smell was getting worse. Hubby even went in the attic and turned off the water heaters and everything that we could think of up there.  That’s when we decided not to fool around anymore and called in the fire department.  Let them come and figure it out for us.  And it would be safer since we couldn’t find the source and if it was a wire burning and simmering in a wall better they find it then us.  So here it is 6:00 in the morning and we have 5 huge men (some rather cute too seeing me in my middle of the night, can’t sleep, freaked out breath and hair) in all their garb crawling around on their hands and knees and in and out of our attic.  EJ was still asleep, well kinda, lets put it this was she only lifted her head up when the one of the fireman when to sniff her room.  Her’s was fine.  Only a trace of the smell.  The worst was Hubbies office and somewhat in our bedroom.  They searched and searched for over and hour.  The smell would dissipate and then come back over and over.  We finally figured out that when the AC came on it was pumping the smell into the office.  Those vents are the closest to the AC in the attic.  So that room was getting all of the smell.  The firemen decided that as long as we kept the AC off and had someone come look at it we would be fine.  So they left.  Silence…

The next day the AC guy came, and between times of EJ flirting and hanging on him (she’s not shy at all and expects everyone of interest to pick her up- he had 4 little girls of his own) we figured out: #1 Our filters, which are the kind you only change yearly, were really dirty and we needed to change them and that was making the fans work harder and hotter.  #2 The UV lights we have in the air intakes that are supposed to help fight mold spores were melting and burning up which could have really caused a true nasty fire.  So long story short(er) by EJ keeping me up all night causing me to smell the smell and getting the firemen here and turning off the AC we probably saved the house from burning down.   Scary stuff.

Then I spent all day Monday on the couch since I didn’t sleep a wink.  Try sleeping in a hot room after a night like that!!!!! HAHAHA!  If that wasn’t enough excitement, Monday night  I started feeling my glands swelling up a little.  Tuesday I was running a super low fever and my glands were still swollen.  Today I have a little runny nose.  That’s it.  Other wise I feel fine.  Even went and played tennis last night and am planning to the courts again in a little while.  But my body is fighting something so I’m being super cautious and not breathing……. OK I’m breathing but not on EJ.  And my hands smell like alcohol and are turning crispy from all the hand sanitizer.  I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have the “oinks”.

OH and top it off, we have a sudden house shopper wanting to look at our house tomorrow.  Yay!  Except the house is a disaster since we had a small family dinner party on Sunday night for my nephew’s birthday so the kitchen is a mess. And then with all the other goings on I haven’t given two figs if the house was messy.  And now I have to clean like a mad woman in the BEFORE I go to tennis at 9:00.  I hope they like the lived in look.

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