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Life Stinks… Ya, ya!

The other day my sister sent this e-mail to our family.  Of course the first thing I thought of after… that sucks… is can I exploit you?  So with her permission I post this:

Dear Family-

I just thought I’d share with you how I spent about $150 in an hour and a half…

The security guard at the office told me on Friday that I had a headlight out.  Fully intending to take care of this on Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday…I just had to get it done today.  (I’ve learned that for some reason, the cops see my silver car w/only one headlight and just have to pick me out of the crowd of barely on the road cars w/NO headlights, to let me know.)  I’d pushed my luck about as far as I thought it would go.

On my way to the auto parts store, I decided that I should get my oil changed.  It’s been past due and I’ve been feeling guilty that I haven’t done so for my li’l silver bullet.  My luck held as it was 6:35 and I was the last car in!  Woohoo!!  BUT, I had NO idea that oil had gone up, which in turn, hiked up the cost of the oil change!  $49.

Oh, well, had to be done…I was there.

Next, went to get the headlight at the auto parts store.  Expecting to spend the normal $10 or so, I had no problem waiting for the guy to get “unbusy” so he could install it for me, too!  No problem…happens to me about every 6 months.  (I drive with my lights on.)

Got everything hooked back up and my car wouldn’t start.  Then the lights started blinking and going wacko…  *sigh*  Luck.  And big car maintenance was definitely not in the budget until NOVEMBER!!!

The parts guy, Phillip, (I’ve been there for long enough to call him by his first name) popped the volt meter on the posts and the message was “BAD battery.”  Not just “low,” “needs charged,” “bad”… but “BAD” (all caps) battery.  Ewwwww…

I took the high road as you know I usually do.  Good thing it happened while I was parked at the auto parts store.  New battery for my li’l silver bullet…  The parts guy was amazed that my battery had lasted this long – 5+ years when it was only designed to last about 3.5 yrs.  And, because I have such a special car, only one type of battery goes in it.  Of course.

$10 for the headlight bulb, $79 for the battery w/$3 disposal fee, plus tax…  = $99 and change.  $50 for the oil change and there you have it…  $150 in 1.5 hrs.

Oh, and I had to get 4 new tires a couple of weeks ago…   $298 for a set of 4.  Tell me I’m not a wheeler-dealer…hee hee.

It’s a good thing that I have such a high paying job with the City and have nothing else on which to spend my money.  Oh, wait…that was in my dreams……

Oh, dear sister…. LIFE STINKS!  And then you have to buy new tires….

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