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Time Warp… Revisiting the Green Monster.

Hmmm… what to do when you have a blog, to blog on, and no time to blog?  You re-post one of your first posts when you zero readers to read it, except for your mother.  (You rock mom/my biggest fan!) So without further blah, blah, blah…..

Posted on Nov. 22, 2008:

Green Monster In My Shoes

One day this blog will be filled with tons of information about my life and what makes me tick.   I apologize that I can’t just pour it all out for you right away.  But all good things come in time.  And sometimes in small little tidbits.  I’m already planning a segment about my pregnancy and motherhood so keep watching for that.  I mean this is a mommy blog right?  I need to write about being a mommy sometimes. But in the mean time you get to learn about some of the silly little things that intrigue me and frustrate me.

Tonight’s tidbit is about my small addiction to shoes.  I can’t get enough.  Heels, flats, boots, tennies.  I’ve got a pair for every occasion.  My favorites are my black Converse tennis shoes.  They seem to fit my personal style the best.  That’s why I’m so crushed right now.  I was warned that when I got pregnant that my feet might grow.  I looked positively on this incredible act of nature vs. body and took it as an opportunity to alter my shoe stash.  But no one warned me about what my feet would do to the shoes that I already had.  To put it bluntly, pregnant women can get stinky feet.  Or shall I say “oh my crap!  What is THAT green odor creeping out of my shoes?”  This was a sad day for me when I realized that the shoes that I still could fit into after the baby were already funk-d-fide so badly that I can’t stand to wear them.

This is what happened to my favorite Converse tennies.  I’ve washed them.  I’ve soaked them.  I’ve sat them in the sun to bake.  Nothing helps.  The minute I wear them the green creature crawls out again.  Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time finding another pair just like the ones I love so much.  The “new” ones (I mean, Converse hasn’t changed much over the years) just don’t seem as comfortable.  IT’S NOT FAIR!!!  Not only do we sacrifice our bodies, our sleep, and our sanity to create life we now lose our favorite shoes.   I want to cry…. but I won’t.  I keep reminding myself that it’s just a pair of shoes.  Deal with it!  So I am in the best way I know how.  I get stubborn and wear them anyways.  So if your ever standing next to a woman who is wearing old looking black Converse tennies and there is something green crawling up her leg trying to bite your knee caps say Hi!

Here are a couple pics of my dear EJ and her first shoes.


Why yes, they are green camouflaged tennies.  Who says a girl has to wear fu fu and lace all the time?  I think they go great with her pink onesie.


I think she kinda likes them!


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