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Weekend Giggles


Dog eat Doug

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Dog eat Doug is a comic strip that you see featured here regularly and one that I get many, many comments about. I can never decide who is funnier to me or my readers, the little Dog Sophie or the little squirt Doug.  All I know is that this comic strip makes me laugh my head off at times.  The way I find what to post is I keep an archive of comic strips that I feel will make my readers snort and then I post a few each week. I have found myself with a large back log of Dog eat Doug strips that just need to be shared.

So this week enjoy the Dog eat Doug montage that I’ve collected for you :

Dog eat Doug

I’ve noticed that too.  Ever buy a bottle and then hate the scent?… And then, your stuck with it… For life… And then, you give it to your husband hoping he could find a use for it in the garage… And then, somehow, it makes it back in the house… And then, it lives under your kitchen sink… until… it forms a ring, probably from the plastic bottle finally breaking down and disintegrating.  And then, it is sticking to the paint in your cabinet. And then, one day you go to move it and POOF!  The bottle cracks and you have nasty, old, smelly baby powder over everything in your kitchen?  Have you ever been there? Have you? Have you?

Dog eat Doug

I appreciate the arts but this is just simply not one of my favorites forms.

Dog eat Doug

I know I’m not alone in saying I wish it were that easy.  I’d have my dog in the nursery whispering sweet nothings every night.  But then I’d probably get woken up an hour later with a screaming banshee who had a nightmare about sock puppets.

Dog eat Doug

…Or the dog would end up eating the sock puppet.

Dog eat Doug

Did you just turn your laptop sideways and read this one like a book like I did?

Dog eat Doug

Mmm, mmm! Finger lickin’ good!  URP!

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