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Plinky Asks: What Would You Like To Do On Your Next Birthday?

Hide under a pillow all day and not change any diapers.
I’ve always found that on my “big” birthdays I’ve wanted to hide under a pillow until the day passes. This next one I’ll turn 35. I’m not really sure why I feel the need to hide considering on the other not so “big” birthdays I’m all ready to celebrate my life and everything in it. I guess reality hits on the big ones. Reminds me that I’m one stepping stone closer to menopause and more expensive wrinkle creams.

My other birthday wish, not having to change any diapers for the day…. do I have to explain that one? Really? Dirty, stinky, poopy baby butt? On my birthday?

How about you? What do you do on your birthdays?

UPDATE 8/21: It is not officially my birthday!  I’ve had several sweet people comment and wish me a happy birthday and I just wanted to clarify that my birthday isn’t until January. So what I’m going to do is store up your birthday wishes and hold them for a little while.  HOWEVER!  I am also seriously debating, since accidentally having this “half-birthday” in August, that I should have a “half-birthday” every year in the summer time and not in the winter when it’s yucky out.  I tried out the theory with a little wine last night and it’s growing on me.  So again, thank you to all the well wishers out there. The day may be wrong but the feelings you left were oh so right.

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