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It’s POSITIVE Day! Anything Can Happen!

Positive Day

Since yesterday I got a little snarky and maudlin I was really excited about today’s very important topic. Today’s post will focus only on the POSITIVES in my life!

What! Wait! Why is she flipping gears like this??? PMS???  No my friends, just a little bit of POSITIVE inspiration.

When a wonderful blogger named Jen from Dust Bunny Hostage posted this idea last week I immediately put it on my calender.  Her beautiful daughter had and epiphany one day! We focus too much on the negatives in life.  Thus is human nature I suppose. But as a young fresh mind reminded us all that day, we need to take time out of our frustrating daily lives to focus on the POSITIVES.  She told her mother that when she became President in 2032 she would instate a national POSITIVE Day.  Her likewise brilliant mother thought, why wait? So here we find ourselves today July 31, 2009 and it’s a great day to share our POSITIVE feelings with each other and be POSITIVE about each other feelings.  I’m loving starting my day off with this kind of sharing.

To start, I’m POSITIVELY thrilled and in love with my wonderful, generous husband. Even when I’m hormonal and feeling in the dumps he always tries his hardest to make my life better. Even if it’s just a big bear hug that he gives me, the day I met him is the day I added true meaning to my life. And I am also POSITIVELY privileged that he does care to ask me what I’m writing about and that he supports me fully. (yesterday’s post) And as he reads this I truly want him to know how much I love him.

I’m also POSITIVELY amazed and blessed and also head over heals in love with my beautiful daughter.  I never knew life could be so fulfilling until she came along into mine. Everyday, with every smile she shares with me she reminds me of why I exist. With every butterfly kiss she gives me she makes my heart grow.  Everyday I look forward to sharing with her the POSITIVES of the world and, just like Jen’s daughter did, I look forward to her teaching me what true POSITIVITY is.

Whew! After unloading those ULTIMATE POSITIVE feelings I feel rather silly about going on about how I feel POSITIVELY blessed to be able to play tennis and that my body still allows me to do this.  I feel POSITIVELY blessed that I have a solid roof over my head and a soft bed to sleep in.  I feel POSITIVELY blessed that I woke up today so I could enjoy this day of POSITIVITY!  Ok, maybe that’s not so silly.

Come on everybody! Let’s go shake our neighbor’s hand and say hi! Let’s be nice to the check out clerk at the grocery store, can you imagine all the NEGATIVE people they encounter everyday? Let’s give them a break.  There are so many other people we encounter everyday, even if we don’t leave our homes, and there are so many ways we can spread this feeling of POSITIVITY with the world. We just have to try a bit harder. Not too hard.  Ahhh, there we go, that’s just right!

If you would like to join the POSITIVITY glee club and tell us all what you are thankful for and what makes your glass half full go over and visit Jen’s little corner of the bloggosphere and learn more.  It’s a true POSITIVE experience!

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