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What Drives You Crazy?

I have another thought provoking question for all of you.  Do you find it impossible to write solid thoughtful content when your loved ones are hovering around?  For me it’s the non-stop chatter from either my daughter or from my husband that disturbs my train of thoughts. It’s hard to type a sentence with someone asking where the eggs are.  Honey, they’re in the fridge… (Umm, where else would they be?)  Or the best one of all, “What cha’ doin?”. (Umm, what’s it look like? I’m hunched over my computer. I must be painting my toe nails.)

I try to go back to work mumbling under my breath so he doesn’t hear my irritation.

The most heart wrenching one of all, and where I try my hardest not to get huffy, is when Hubby asks me what I’m writing about. Bless him, I know he’s just trying to be interested in what I’m doing but until I have officially hit the spell check and read what I wrote five times and/or hit the publish button then I really don’t want anyone to hear or read or know what I’m writing. What I’ve written is still in my private thoughts until I hit publish and make them public.

Again, I try to go back to work trying to shake off the awful feeling of guilt for brushing him off when he was trying to be sweet and caring.

When I give up on working around Hubby then EJ will find me and she thinks its terribly amusing to try to type with Mommy.  When I’ve tried to get some work done with her around almost everything ends up looking caeAVC…LIKE.AgrfaWDwa thisaDAS.   Then there is the constant unplugging and plugging in of my power cord.  My computer doesn’t like it at all and will protest this invasion by slowing waaaay dooown so when I hit a key nothing happens. Then I re-type that key and nothing happens, again. Then it catches up and we have tttthiiisss.

This is when I just shut the computer and give up.
Thus another day goes by without content.
Am I alone in this? What drives you crazy when you are trying to write or get something done?

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