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Wordless/ful Wednesday # 16 Confirmed Proof That Kids Have No Bones

We’ve always known that there is a mysterious nature to all children. They have this uncanny ability to sense a person who likes kids from a person who eats kids.  They can scarf twice their body weight in food and snacks and not gain a pound. But then stop eating and grow taller overnight. They can crash to the ground, face first, at a full speed run and bounce up like they are made of rubber.  So it really shouldn’t be any surprise to discover that they don’t have any bones.  I mean… who could sleep soundly like this and actually have solid real human bones?  I’m starting to think that aliens come down sometime when our kids reach the age of 2 and are then replaced with real human children that they have been harvesting on Mars. Until then they really are the strange little beings that we’ve always suspected.


This can also be proof of what can happen to a Tornado Baby when you stick them in a warm car, tie them down with a 5 point harness, and drive around a bit.  It can suck the vortex right out of the most active Tornado. Then they just get… floppy.

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