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This Just In! Heaven Tastes Like Strawberries

I have tasted heaven on earth and it really does come in a plastic cup.

For a long time now I have seen these ads on TV, as I’m sure many of you have also, about this delicious, yummy, OH MY GODDESS my taste buds just melted into writhing puddles of goo called Yoplait Whips.  I know, your saying to yourselves right now that Mommy’s Joy has really lost it this time.  Going on about, of all things, yogurt.  Either that or Tornado Baby has finally succeeded in sucking our her last brain cell.  But you see, it’s not just the light fluffy yogurt I’m going on about, it’s the light fluffy yogurt and how skirt flipping delicious it is when you FREEZE IT!

I finally paid close attention those ads! Cross that with non-stop 100+ weather and my brain zeroed in on the word “freeze” like it was crack.  Now I have a treat in my arsenal of PMS treats that is better than crack! Frozen Yoplait Whips!  After actually remembering to write it down on my grocery list, and then turning my daughter into a baby popsicle while browsing the cold grocery fridge for flavors that I wanted to taste test, I picked out strawberry and a chocolate mousse.  When I got home I popped them in the freezer and forgot about them for a couple days.  Then Saturday evening I was sitting around on the couch thinking how great it would be to eat a gallon of ice cream and my head went DING! Frozen Whips!  So I grabbed one and gave it a try.  It was the best decision I made all week!  First off it was easy because I didn’t have to fight a glacier hard rock to scoop some out into a bowl. All I had to do was grab a spoon.  Then I tasted it….  Again! OH MY GODESS!!  It was almost better than ice cream since it had that yummy “zingy” flavor that yogurt has along with all the creaminess.  My daughter loved it too since she was going nuts trying to get mommy to feed her the next bite.  But Mommy was mean and prevailed to at least get every other bite in her own mouth.  And it was really plenty.  I didn’t feel like I needed to eat a gallon of ice cream after that little yogurt cup.  And ya know what? Even if I felt like diving into another cup of it they are only 140 calories and 2.5 grams of fat.  Compare that to a regular serving of strawberry ice cream that has at least 6 grams of fat (if you can stick to the 1/2 cup serving and who can really ever do that) and you can justify eating two.  That’s my excuse but you’re welcome to use it.

I want it known that I was not paid nor asked to advertise for Yoplait yogurt.  I just fell in love with their frozen Whips product and couldn’t help sharing what I learned with everyone else.  If you can’t share the scoop on the best non-scoop ice cream(ish) product around that what can you share?   So get up off your chairs and couches right now and go write it down on your grocery list before you forget.  Do it…. Right now!  Then try them out and then come back here and tell me how awesome you think these are!!!

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