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I Has Newz Abouts Product Reviews…

I have news. I have broken down and will start working for… the man…  OK so I’m being a bit dramatic. Shocker *rolling eyes* but what I am going to start doing is some product reviews.  Now before you all start screaming “NOOOOO” and writhing on the floor in misery over the thoughts of my innocent little blog turning into one of those that is bulked up and taken over by product reviews, samples, and ads please let me assure you that that IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  I’m talking about doing maybe one a week here, not one every hour.  For a long time now I’ve been wanting to get into the idea of doing a few reviews because I simply felt they would be fun to do.  But if I lose all of you to the product review world then who would I be reviewing the products for? Am I right?  So please all, don’t worry. My crazy thoughts, aspirations, and the best thing of all, the many appearances of Tornado Baby will not be interrupted by this new endeavor.

Along with this new little side project of mine I hope to be doing a few giveaways too.  (Here comes my shameless plug) If you have a product you would like me to review or a product you would like me to host as a giveaway please contact me.  mom (at) mommysjoy (dot) com. While I won’t be hosting one everyday of the week I hope to have them often enough to make them fun while keeping up my readership…i.e…. Readers who will be reading about your products.  Get it? Got it? Good!


“I iz waviewing dis baboon an it werks perfect!”

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