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Redneck “Highchair”

I’ve had several friends ask me how did I feed EJ out at camp?  Did I take the highchair or sit her on my lap?  How did I keep things clean and sterilized while out there? These questions are also coming from the few mothers I know that think dirt is dirty.  And I think every kid needs to eat some mud pies.  I know my sisters tricked me into a few when I was a kid and turned out fine. I look at dirt as a good way to build an immune system so of course my idea of the camp high chair would be… a little different.  I really didn’t have a plan for how I would feed EJ out there.  I just knew one way or the other she would eat.  She’s not going to let me skip a meal for her.  She will just start chewing on my leg or bite my finger to remind me that I forgot something.  She’s good like that.

After the first night of feeding her sitting on my lap (because she just wasn’t going to sit anywhere unless trapped in her seat) we devised a nice camp feeding station.  Take two small tables, one for eating on and one to place behind her chair so she couldn’t push back and topple over.  (Learned that the hard way.) Apply same table covers used at restaurants to camp table, and hold corners down with duct tape. (Because I may be a little redneck but I spent way too many years in the restaurant industry. And I know how clean those tables really are. Yuck.) And voila! One happily fed bar-be-que loving baby!


What’s better then a little mac and cheese and watermelon?  And yes, we used the hose to spray her off after lunch… and she loved it!


“Honey, get your foot off the table. And that goes for both of you!”


“OK, now your just being sassy.”

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