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“Come See My Vacation Slides…”

Hello Monday!! Hello World!! Hello Blogosphere!! I finally have taken a few minutes to download all my pictures from my camping trip.  So for the next few posts consider this a photo blog…with details of course.  Can’t leave out the details.  Without details it would just be random pictures of someone elses child and campsite.  Where’s the fun in that?  Be about as fun as being forced to sit down and watch someone elses slide show of their vacation….


That’s what I’m going to show you…

A computerized slide show of my vacation….


Oh, well! Deal with it!  Oooh, and aww! And make me feel like I went to Paris and not just some ole’ dusty campground. K? Thanks!

I’ll start you off slow:


This is my campsite. We set it up the same way year after year so we have it down to a fine art. Please notice the full sized refrigerator and air conditioned trailers. Also note the the fully carpeted area for us to walk on and the electric lights (Christmas rope lights). No sitting around the campfire for us. Nope we site around fans and misters to keep us cool. The only fires here are the ones cooking our bar-b-que or the ones created in the campers at night…. Oh wait! That only happens when you DON’T have a one year old in the camper with you.  We’re redneck folks but not THAT redneck.

Stay tuned tomorrow for insight in to how we entertain ourselves for one solid week while staying in this wonderful campsite we created.

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