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Hi ya! (Rare Photo Of Laundry Penguin-The Other Missing Link)

Hi all! I’m still swamped over here but I wanted to drop a line to my favorite fan(s) to let you know I’m still hanging in there.  I still haven’t unloaded our camper yet although that might happen today after, yet again, another midnight run in my PJ’s outside to fish something out of it. This time it was AAA batteries because, GODDESS FORBID, the remote control was dead and I had packed all the AAA’s for our mini LED flashlights that we had to have.  Ahem.  So ya, might find time to get on that one today. Besides the threat of remote control death, my cork screw is also locked away tight in there and I won’t be able to get at it till I get the other junk out of the way and that IS a true tragedy! (And I’m too cheap to spend a few bucks to get another one temporarily.)

That’s where I’m at ya’ll. Battling the housewife’s dilemmas and living the American Dream.

I also wanted to drop you all a line to ask for some help.  Shhhhhh!  Be vwerrry, vwerrry quiet!  I think there is something living in my laundry basket.  What do you think?  Is it going to bite my hand off if I dare to put away the clothes it’s hiding in or should I make the hubby risk it?


I think it’s the rare Laundry Penguin who feeds off T-shirt iron ons and is the culprit of all my broken panty elastic.

Laundry penguin

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