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I Survived My Swim In The Redneck Swimming (gene) Pool!

Hello to my loyal reader(s) out there!  I have survived my swim in the redneck gene pool and have lots of great stories and pictures to share with you.  Like the story of why it’s not smart to use a dull knife to cut a watermelon. OUCH! Or how much damage can a frozen water balloon shot across a foot ball field with a sling shot do. Fun stuff like that. And no, my entire camping trip was not one big bruise waiting to happen.  Although I do have a few redneck war stories to share with you. We had plenty of food, fun, and relaxation too. Or as much relaxation as a mom can get when camping with an inquisitive one year old who isn’t afraid to wander. “EJ, come back here!!!  You don’t need to go see if the neighboring camp’s ice cubes taste different.  And stay away from that beer can on the ground…….!!!” (As I launch myself out of my reclining lawn chair to dash across rocks and the dead Texas grass and cactus, barefooted, hoping to catch EJ mid scavenge.) That sort of thing.

But before I regal you with all the nitty gritty details I first have to survive the returning home phase of our little vacation. The one where you find your house covered in dust and dog fur (I’m shaving those critters before I leave next year dammit!), baby toys and clutter that you neglect to put away before you leave, dishes your husband left for you when he would return home for the day (We don’t go that far away from town and my hubby is more domesicated then me and must return home for daily showering), and the OMG mountain of laundry! And how is it that the entire contents of your refrigerator can expire in one week?   Then there’s the unpacking, cleaning, and returning of our camper to its happy state of rest where it lives for the rest of the year when we don’t use it for the other family outings and vacations we swear each year we are going to take.

So stay tuned for more redneck fun… The party may be over but the clean up has just begun…!

And speaking of clean up, anyone have a box of baby wipes…or a hose?

EJ dirt 1

EJ lovin’ the dirt!

EJ dirt 2

At least I hope thats dirt she inspecting!!!!

Oh and before I leave you…do you see that little red button on the top right hand side of the page for the Funniest Blog? Voting closes on  July 6th and I’d love to see some more votes. I know I’ll never beat out some of the major players in the blogging world but it is still giving me a cheap thrill to see my name there. So please head on over and vote for me. You can vote once each day and it only takes a minute. Thanks!!

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