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Another Mommy Milestone…

I have now reached another Mommy Milestone. And not exactly the sweet innocent, makes you think of candy canes and roses type. Nope! Not this time.  This time we are talking the down and dirty, nitty gritty, break out the bleach and rubber gloves type of milestone.  Yep folks! It finally happened.  I was warned many, many times.  I’ve read other horror stories about this and have always held a fear in my heart hoping and praying that my child would be the one to grow up without bestowing this honor on me. And then my prayers and fears were answered… with poop…in the tub. Ewwwww!!!

OK, again for comic effect…Ewwwww!

I thought now that we had a better handle on when EJ did the deed, and have been able to plan accordingly with bath times around her “schedule”, we would escape this nightmare. But I wasn’t so lucky.  I guess the warm cozy bath just influenced her too much.  What made this even better, NOT, was that I just dumped in her bath a whole bunch more of the little foam numbers and letters that stick to the edge of the tub…and oh lucky me… poop sticks to them!


There I was, with her standing, holding her up by her arm in the “Mommy Death Grip”.  You know the one I’m talking about. Where there is absolutely no wiggling or prying their way out of your grip, yet doesn’t hurt.  Ya, that one.  Anyways, there I was with her standing in the tub with the Mommy grip on her so she won’t try to sit back down.  Because… Ewwwww!  Trying to formulate a plan and trying desperately not to let go of a string of  words so vile she might just poop again out of fear. That or learn some of it and have her repeat it the next time we are in the grocery store close to the stand where they are doing the cooking demonstrations over the loud speaker.


I have a poop filled tub. A baby that looks remarkably clean considering, but I just know is covered in… Ewwwww.  But wait!  We have a shower in our other bathroom… with a spray handle! Bingo! So not only did my daughter experience her first tub poop she also got to experience her first shower. The shower being the highlight of this whole event.  She really liked it. Hmmm.  I think we will be using that method more often….

But I digress. After I get her clean as I can, washing her twice until she was squeaky, I then proceed to cleaning the tub and all those poop covered foam numbers and letters. Can I get another Ewwwww!

Thanks to hubby we just bought a big jug of bleach. YEAH!  Something went right after all.  Except now my nostrils feel like I shoved a Q-tip dipped in bleach up both of them.  But my tub and all those stupid foam numbers and letters are clean.  You could eat out of my tub and use the “J” for a spoon.  But even with my tub being so clean I’m afraid I can’t look at it the same.  It’s been defiled in the worst way.

So I have some questions for all you moms out there who have hit the Ewwwww milestones before. First, will I EVER be able to look at my tub the same way?  Cuz, IT’S BEEN POOPED IN YA’LL!!! Second, did you freak out or are you one of those cool cookies that can handle the Ewwwww factor and, if so, how do you handle it so well? And lastly, how did you clean it up cuz I’m thinking I went maybe just a teeny tiny bit over board with the bleach. Like as in we need a new jug of bleach and I’m pretty sure I also have the cleanest septic tank this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

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