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Help! The Busy Bee Is Holding Me Hostage!

I don’t think I ever understood the term busy until having a kid.  Ok, moms of many. This is your opportunity to snort and laugh at the new chick (mommy) on the block.  Because I’m laughing with you, although my laugh has a slight edge of hysterical in it.  I have never had a time in my life where I wake up busy and go to bed with things still left to do.  Take for instance right now.  As I sit here typing I can smell my husband making toast with our last piece of bread. Which reminds me that the milk was smelling rather funky yesterday. Oh, and mother nature is about to call and unless I want to start ripping up bed sheets then I’d better get my happy busy butt to the store like yesterday.  But wait yesterday I was cleaning the house ALL day because we had a house showing.  (Everyone reading this please cross your fingers and toes and whatever else you can cross, even if it’s an unusual body part, cuz I’ll take all the luck I can get that this house sells.) And while spending the day cleaning I realized that I really needed to get crackin’ on my laundry or hubby’s going to be wearing his swim trunks for underwear and I’m going to be braless. (And before all of my male readers get excited about the idea let me tell you things aren’t where they used to be and it might not make your day brighter unless you consider going blind from the site a good thing.)  And as I utter about udders and the contraptions that make them appear perky I desperately need to go buy some more that actually fit.  When I have time…. Hmmm…  Is 1 year old too early to teach how to empty the dishwasher, vacuum, and drive to the store for mommy’s “medicine”?

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