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Tennis ADD

Hello Bloggy World!  While I’m really not a big fan of the idea of giving myself excuses to get away with not do something, this time you will have to forgive me.  If I haven’t made it clear before I’ll remind you again of my attention deficient when it comes to all things tennis.  When there is tennis on or happening in my life all other functions receive less attention.  Currently I have a new season of my woman’s tennis league starting and, since I’m the captain and general team Momma, my brain is on that.  The other big thing happening right now is the French Open. That means any time I’m not organizing my own little world of tennis (or changing diapers cuz you really have to pay attention when you do that or risk….eww) I’m glued to my TV like a fat kid with a bag of Funyuns and a Big Gulp.  Why am I telling you this you may be wondering?  Because this is my excuse for slacking on my blog for the next week or so.  Don’t worry. I won’t leave ya’ll hanging for too long. And when I do grace you with my presence I’ll try not to overload you on the details of the amazing abilities of all of my favorite pro’s or on the fact that I’m in love with Carlos Moya’s biceps.  Opps. You didn’t need to know that did you?  (Honey, if you read this I love your biceps more.  Promise!)

So that’s where I am and that’s where I’m gonna be.  Love to you all. Tennis for life.

Peace out!

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