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Need Help!!!!! Another Milestone Reached!!!

Yesterday my daughter did something that made my heart stop beating for a minute.  I know, all you moms out there know exactly the feeling I’m talking about and it won’t be the last time I feel it.  But that still didn’t make it less traumatic.  Tomorrow will be EJ’s first birthday and she picks two days before to hit a huge milestone.  She figured out how to climb stairs.

Lets back up for  second.  She’s been walking for about 2 months now but she’s never tried to climb anything.  Nothing. Not the couch or even my leg.  Nada.  So I haven’t really been too worried yet about the stairs.  (We do have gates installed at the top and bottom already but there is a small area that is unprotected.)  Her daddy decided to go upstairs and as usual she followed him over there and was looking longingly up the steps.  Daddy’s girl ya know. Then I hear this splat sound.  I look and she’s laying on the floor turning beet red, mouth hanging open, silent…silent…silent…..POP!  SCCCRRREEEAAAMMMM!   I scoop her up in the best mommy will fix your boo boo hug I can and I sit on the step to inspect her.  She’s fine.  Really more mad then anything else and fighting to get out of my arms.  What?  So I put her down fighting off the urge of feeling rejected, and she makes a bee line back to the step I’m sitting on and proceeds to climb it.  Then the next one.  Then she goes to the actual stair case and climbs the first two that are before the gate.  In doing this she was not shaking or even tentative about.  Just knee up, up. Knee up, up.  Wondering what she would do I opened the gate and she went…..all… the… way…up!!!!!!!  OMG!

Instead of choosing the slower path of learning how to climb she’s decided to climb stair cases. This is just like when she crawled and walked.  We were pretty certain she knew what to do but just wasn’t doing it.  Then one day she just got up and took her first steps.  Next day it was like she was never a baby that had to crawl.  Never looks back.  And now we have stair cases.

My whole problem with this, besides the fact that she’s not my wee peanut anymore, is that she has ZERO clue as to how to get down and I have ZERO clue as to how to teach her.  Do I just follow her up and carry her down till she figures it out on her own like crawling and walking.  Do I teach her to go down on her butt or belly?  The problem I see with butt is that she’s a really petite baby and when she sits on the step her feet won’t reach the next one.  And if her feet don’t touch neither does she.  She’s not much into scooching at this point.  What she keeps trying to do which is scaring the poo out of me is she will turn around and just wiggle her feet to the edge and I can see her contemplating stepping off.  Like we big kids do.  And I’m dying in side at the thought.

So what do I do moms?  I need a little help here.  How do I teach my headstrong, stubborn (don’t have any idea where she got that trait from…ahem) how to go down the stairs when she shouldn’t even be climbing them yet?  HELP!!!!!!


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