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One Lovely Blog Award

I have a couple new awards that I’ve received in the last few weeks and I’m thinkin’ its time to pass them on to some of the other wonderful bloggers out there. With each one there are 15 of the newest and greatest blogs that I’ve been visiting.  If you’re not on one of these lists just note that I could only name 15 for each and after having to name 30 in all my brain is fried and so is my ability to copy and paste links.  I promise I love you all!!!  I will also be breaking this up into two posts so please stop by tomorrow to see who else I’m showering award love on.  And take some time to check them all out all the recipients because they all work really hard to create magic in their own way. So without further blah, blah, blah from me, may I present first the “One Lovely Blog Award”.  It was given to me by the wonderful blogger Pat over at Lalapooandstrollers.  She’s a tell it like it is mom with sass! Go on over and check her out first!

Drum roll please…..


  1. My Life As A Trailer Park Mom – She tells it like it is and she’s a crocheter like me!!
  2. Kiss My Rash - She’s a fascinating woman and mom.
  3. Eli’s Lids – Cuz I love the lids!!!  Oh, and the site too of course!
  4. Very Bloggy____ - Because she’s witty and wonderful!
  5. The Weird Girl – She’s just weird and that’s AWESOME!
  6. Mom 23 Monkeys - She’s got 3 of the cutest little boys and she’s still survives to tell us about it each day.
  7. Stroller Patroller - Because she’s fun and funny and completely obsessed with strollers.  If you ever want to know something about one just ask Mother Goose.
  8. Serenity Now - She’s a hoot but ya’ better check her out quick before she gets swallowed up by toys.  And she might also inspire you to get off your butts!
  9. Ramblings of a Crazy Mom - She’s just a funny mummy who makes the coolest and “floofiest” headbands.
  10. Motherhood Uncensored - Because she leaves me on the floor rolling around in laughter!
  11. The Queen of Hyperbole - Because I just love to read what she writes.
  12. Phoenix The Blogging Mama -  I love all the pictures she posts of the kids and what they do each day.  Very fun site to visit!
  13. Tiaras & Tantrums - Because she says it like it is and I respect that!
  14. Jinxyisms - She’s a mom I feel like I can relate to.
  15. Sunshine on My Shoulder – She’s a fun single mom with spunk!

I also have an honorable mention I would like to give to Sara over at Ordinary And Awesome.  She’s only on the honorable mention list because she has already received this award and I wanted to save the 15 spaces for the others.  Sara, you deserve to get this award many times over!!

Thank you all so much for making my daily life more fun!

To collect your award here’s what you do:

  • Accept the award and place it on your blog together with the name of the person who has given it to you and their web-link to their site.
  • Pass the award onto 15 other blogs you have newly discovered.  Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for the award

Stay tuned and visit me tomorrow for the other award and recipients!

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