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Weekend Giggles #8 My Life Is Like A Comic Strip

This week’s edition of Weekend Giggles is all about the Dog eat Doug comic strip.  Every week I find so many different ones that I want to share with you that I’ve been saving them up. And if I don’t hurry up and pass some along my daughter is going to be a teenager before I’m done.  The writers of this strip are geniuses as far as I can see.  They HAVE to be parents. And I truly believe Dog eat Doug should be linked to every parenting self help book on the market.  I have a daughter.  I have 2 dogs.  I can relate, therefore my life is like a comic strip.

Dog eat Doug… X 6

click ANY of the images to enlarge

Dog eat Doug

This is must be why I find hair clips in my refrigerator.  The funny thing is EJ’s not able to open the fridge so she must be sneaking them in there when we are busy cooking dinner and opening and closing the door.  She’s just an odd duck.  Speaking of ducks.  The other day I opened my cabinet that holds our pots and pans and found a rubber ducky sitting in a frying pan… just looking at me.  It was kinda creepy.

Dog eat Doug

Umm…ya. EJ also finds it amusing to lean forward in a fake snuggle and just so she can bite me the boob.  Must have missed the warnings about that little trick in the baby books.

Dog eat Doug

This will be the next stage for Tornado Baby I’m afraid.

Dog eat Doug

Man’s best friend my butt. Since EJ started eating solid foods and sharing with the dogs they barely even bother with the grownups anymore.  Just like snot rockets shooting out of my baby’s nose this is another thing the parenting books didn’t warn me about.  The complete abandonment from your pets admiring eyes. They love baby now.

Dog eat Doug

Case in point. But someone should also warn the babies of the world that being doggy’s best friend also has its downfalls. Like auto-wash.

Dog eat Doug

And yes… EJ tried this too. She also thinks dog food is yummy and she has taken to playing with the KONG (dogs chew toy). Of course I wash it, but it really doesn’t do much good when she tosses it to the dogs, they retrieve it and she pops it back in her mouth. Next thing you know I’ll have to give her flea bath!  Sigh……..


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