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Wordless/ful Wednesday #8: The Evolution Of A Tornado Baby

Many of you have followed the ongoing episodes of Tornado Baby and the mini-land mines she sets off in our household. Today I was looking back on some of my past photos thinking of her 1st birthday which is coming up in 10 days. OMG! OMG! OMG!  Ahem…  There were plenty of signs that I was in trouble, and so was anything within her reach, if I would have payed attention to them.

May 22nd 2008

As you can see from her wide open and sparkly eyes that even on day 1 she had some very deep thoughts.  Already questioning how tight the boundaries were.

June 2008

In June I caught this shot of her shooting daggers at me. I do believe I had just told her no, she couldn’t go to the movies with her boyfriend that night. She wasn’t happy.

July 2008

In July she began to prove to us just how much she was going to scream and hold her breath if we didn’t agree to buy her that Barbie convertible.


And in August her horns started to show.


In September we rejected the idea of the car seat. “What are you talking about woman!  I’m driving!”

November 2008

“I’m not ordering off the kids menu! And I’m not eating corn dogs! I WANT PANCAKES!”

December 2008

In December we could see her plotting against Santa if she didn’t get what she wanted in that package.

So as you can see, there was a distinct evolution into the possessed Tornado Baby that we love today. She really is a sweet child that gives her Mommy lots of great moments of parental bliss. But on occasion…when the horns come out… be ready with the vacuum cleaner.

Happy Wordless/full Wednesday everyone!

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