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I think I should buy a lottery ticket.  This weekend I had to make the trek to see the local genius geeks at the Apple Store.  After two trips up there, prior to this weekend’s, I had several parts replaced on my computer and,luckily,they were actually under warranty.  Whoo hoo! Don’t cha’ just love new parts? I love me some new parts!  Great new parts! The clicky clack parts!  But in the efforts to return my old white beast to it’s “new to me” state something strange happened.  My mouse pad didn’t want to work right.  That’s a HUGE problem for someone like me who has their computer on and ready at attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I sleep with it next to my bed.  It’s like a growth on my body. I’m that attached.  I know, I need to get out.  Anyways, needless to say, I felt like my arm was cut off.  So there I was packing up the infant, the stroller, snacks, and all the extras that go along with miniature people and heading up to join the sea of the electronically ailing that also found themselves spending the day with the Apple genius geeks.  

After walking around in circles in the store for about 10 minutes trying to keep the little mini-person happy, and then one very cranky Tweet complaining about being stuck walking around in circles in the store trying to keep the little mini-person happy, my name…was…FINALLY…called.  I know, I know, 10 minutes isn’t bad, but do it with a kid that seriously doesn’t understand why she hasn’t had a chance to put her feet on the ground yet for the day.  Poor thing went from her bed… to highchair… to car seat… to stroller… and then, poof, we were in the concrete, black and white jungle of geek heaven.  I didn’t let the toddler have time to toddle yet and she wasn’t thrilled….AT ALL.  So after 10 minutes Mommy wasn’t thrilled to hear that she would have to wait another 15 minutes for them to fix the simple problem that they said it “probably” was.  But I was in for the long haul at this point.  

This is where the luck starts to come into play. (Bet you thought I’d never get here.)  After discovering that the cranky little mini-person had one gigantic large-person sized wet diaper, I needed to go on the hunt for a decent place to change her.  The one thing that the Apple Store does not have  is a place to change a diaper.  I did think about dropping down and just changing her in the middle of the room between the I-pods and the I-phones, in clear view of the “genius” bar hoping that would hurry things up a little.  But I thought better of it and walked outside.  About a block down there was a Needless Markup department store (Nieman Marcus if you’re not familiar with the term) and possibly a changing table with my daughter’s name on it.  So off I went for a nice little stroll which made the little mini-person much happier.  YEAH!  Score 1 bonus point for Mommy!  AND LOOK!  Right inside the door of the Needless Markup was…bingo!!!  The bathrooms! Score another bonus point!  OH, WAIT! Right next to the bathrooms was a nice room set up just for changing babies that didn’t have a big heavy door that I would have to navigate with one hand and the stroller. OH YA! Just hand me the dice cuz Momma’s on a roll!  That’s when I headed back to the Apple store, and my other baby that they were holding hostage until my return. (Dramatic I know but that’s how I felt about walking out of the shop without it.) As soon as I walked in and weaved my way through the masses and went back up to the bar the “genius” told me that I had perfect timing and told the couple that were standing in front of me to move over . That’s right B-i-aches! Momma’s here!  No really, I just had good timing. And this is what happened to make me the luckiest girl in the world…world…world……..(echos)

NO, WAIT! There’s MORE!!  Did you think I would get THAT excited about a convenient bathroom with a clean baby changing area? Well, OK I would.  But there really is MORE!

One thing we’ve known, OK my hubby’s known (who is my own personal Apple geek…Wheeee), for a long time is that I’ve needed a new battery in my dinosaur.  But since I’m cheap… Ahem, I’m a thrifty and money conscious person, I figured as long as I could keep it plugged in I would be fine.  Even though I had serious issues with traveling from one room to the other without it turning its self off due to lack of juice.  (Ya, I’m that cheap.) Well, this weekend the wonderful, super studdly in his pale geekyness, (I think I have a thing for geeks) Apple genius replaced my battery, since it was the cause of my mouse pad problem…FOR FREE!  Can I get me a WOOT!   One more time, shout it out…WOOT, WOOT!  So now I’m mobil again people!  Watch out! I might just pop up at the local coffee house and drink water, cuz I’m too cheap to buy the “fancy coffee”, and write about “beautiful people” next to me that apparently have no heat sensors in their bodies since they can wear leather pants in the summer in Texas. So stay tuned!

Yep, lottery ticket for me!  And when I win I’m gonna buy a newer more modern com-poo-ter …and some leather pants.

Oh, and I want to add a special thank you to the Apple genius geek and the Apple Store for being such great sports in supporting my need to be cheap!  YOU ROCK!

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