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My Singing Baby…The Next American Idol

I have a nice little routine that works for my daughter and I for bed time.  She still gets too excited about eating the books for me to be able read one to her so that “usual” bedtime idea is out for now.  What works best, I’ve found, is still a little time with the baby crack (aka. Baby Einstein Videos) . This is usually EJ’s  ticket to La La Land.  We have a nice big bottle and then Mommy turns on some crack for the wee one while she watches her own version of big girl crack on TV. Desperate Housewives, Private Practice… you get the idea.  Usually by the time the first 20 minute “fix” is over, Ej is out.  But last night I learned an important lesson. When trying to get your baby to relax and maybe even fall asleep, don’t watch the episodes of American Idol that you’ve recorded.  Especially if your baby gets fixated on anything musical.  She will ignore her crack, opting instead, to start “singing” with the TV.  Then she will get excited and perk up instead of relaxing.  Even better, when they show the audience and everyone clapping she starts clapping.   So ya, Mommy made a boo boo last night and paid for it.  

I finally had to give up and take her to her room for some serious rocking and lulling.  As I walked up the stairs she shivered and grinned at me in excitement, like we were heading to her own personal after party, even though it was already 2 hours past her usual bed time.   Please note, we don’t have a strict bed time since she  will usually start winding down around the same time every night.  However, sometimes it will vary give or take an hour now and then.  But this time is was much much later than normal and that just doesn’t do well for getting her to sleep easily or for Mommy getting to bed to kiss Daddy goodnight.  So here I have a happy, giggling, giddy baby, who should have been asleep eons earlier, grinning at me and excited thinking we are going somewhere special and not up to rock and lull her to sleep.  Or at least that was my goal.  The rocking and lulling.  Instead, as soon as she realized what was happening, my happy, smily baby turned into the screaming  beast of my nightmares.  After a lot of wrestling with her to get her into a good rocking position and getting her to stop trying to kick me in the head we proceeded to rock and lull.  This usually includes me singing but she busted that bubble when I started to sing and she joined the choir.  

Long story short.  My dear little singing princess FINALLY fell asleep after an exceptionally long time of rocking and lulling in dead silence that had me dozing off in the chair before she did.  I’m really not sure how long of a cat nap I took.  I had her tucked up tight in my arms, in effort to still the kicking legs, so I knew I wouldn’t have dropped her and surprisingly, I was still rocking the chair when I reopened my eyes.  But there she was.  Cue heavenly melodious choir. Quiet and asleep.  The beautiful angel that she is.  After all is said and done, and all the lessons are learned, I can’t say I really won the battle last night. I’m not sure who did, since I’m pretty sure I simply bored and dulled (not lulled)  her to sleep.   What ever works I guess. Is it nap time yet?

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