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Sad Little Daisies.

As seen at our local grocery store… ANOTHER slap in Mother Nature’s face.  This time in the form of a daisy.  Last time, if you recall, and if you don’t click here to remember, I spouted off about the tragedy that was multicolored roses.  But this has gone too far.  Now they are picking on the poor helpless daisy. These aren’t pretty ya’ll!  They are just plain sad. I feel sorry for these little daisies, stuck in their multicolored pots full of water, bleeding out their artificial coloring until they die a slow wilting death. Sadly, before they were even little daisy sprouts they were fed only artificially colored tainted water (along with tons of chemicals I’m sure) and lived under a fake sun (I’m assuming) for warmth. They probably have never seen the real sun. Then they traveled to our local grocery stores, because no respectable plant nursery or flower shop would deal with such atrocities, to have snapshots taken of them by bloggers so they can spread pictures around and point out the fact that they aren’t pretty.  Poor.  Little.  Daisies. 

I don’t want to embarrass anyone, or simply piss them off with my revulsion for this torment of the little daisy. And I will concede that if you’ve received them as a gift they still carry all the “it’s the thought that counts” weight…but they really aren’t pretty. If you’ve purchased them for whatever reason, hopefully a gag gift, I hope you thought to yourself “they really aren’t pretty and they look so unhappy. I think I’m going to rescue them.” I can live with that.  But if you truly do think these are pretty and that it’s ok to feed a living organism that much artificial coloring, to the point that it erases all of Mother Nature’s plans for our little daisy, please take off your rose colored glasses and see that the hideous blue flowers are not a vibrant purple. They are a pitiful crayon BLUE!  The color of blue WAX. And simply put, because I can do simple believe it or not, they SMELL like WAX too. Then you’ll see how unhappy these little daisies really are.  Poor.  Sad.  Little.  Un-natural.  Wax smelling.  Helpless.  Daisies.




What do you think about this terrible misuse of Mother Nature’s gift?  Also, remember Earth Day is Wednesday the 22nd! Reuse!  Recycle! Love your planet! Stop poisoning the world so we can keep all the beautiful daises beautiful!

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