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Tornado Baby Strikes Again!

All day today I was trying to write to the displeasure of EJ.  I had so much on my mind and it was wanting to spill out but life, EJ, was getting in the way.  I had this very long drawn out post on how crappy my day was. It was rather depressing and probably would have had many of you telling me to “Stuff it where the sun don’t shine. We’ve all have bad days. Quit being a baby.” OK, so maybe you wouldn’t have said that but that’s what I kept telling myself.  You probably would have told me that you’ve all been there and that it’s OK to have a bad day because everyone out there in Bloggy Land is so supportive of each other. You probably would have made me cry with your kind words.

But instead of dumping all my bad stuff on you like how I played a great game of tennis today, I did, only to have my partner “forget” how to play in the second set costing us a match that I really, really wanted to win.  I’m a competitive cuss like that.  Still love my partner to death, and I’ve been on her end of the racket at other times, it just sucks to lose like that.

Nope, not gonna bother you with that.

Or how as soon as I got home Hubby had to take off not leaving me the time I really needed to get cleaned up from that hell match and do something that I really wanted/needed to do that I couldn’t do with EJ crawling up my leg. Sorry, I’d tell you what it is but then I’d have to kill ya. I know, poor me right?

You don’t need to hear about all that do you?

And that brings us to EJ and how ALL DAY LONG she just felt the need to crawl up my leg for attention. Forget getting anything done because if I would do something, like move, she wanted to be in on it. And the minute I told her no or would do something against her little baby wishes she would get that big fat bottom lipped crying thing happing like I just spit in her Cherrios. I know, I know. She just wants to be part of her Mommy’s world. Whatever! Don’t believe her. Typically she’s a very independent kid that makes me practically beg to let me play with her. But not today. I couldn’t even pick up the remote to change the channel without her “baby stomping” (that’s where she crawls really fast slapping her hands on the floor) over to me to find out why I moved, why I dared breath, why I touched something, why I’m not giving her that thing I just touched. Then the bottom lip would come out, she’d turn purple and start screaming.

OK, so maybe I’m venting a little now.

How about this one? I yelled at her tonight and I feel like a schmuck! She was kicking and screaming so badly and loudly when I was trying to put her diaper on and get her ready for bed I couldn’t get it on her. I finally just lost my shit and yelled at her to stop.  Let me clarify before someone calls CPS, I mean I yelled louder then her, not really at the top of my lungs or anything, and it did get her attention. She snapped her head towards me like “WWWHHAAATTTT?” out of shear shock that I did that. And then I felt like a complete loser. I know, you’re going to tell me that I have plenty of years ahead of me of yelling over her but it doesn’t make me feel like any less of a schmuck!

ARRGGG!  Crummy day!!!

So ya,instead of dumping all of this on you which I did anyways because it’s my time now EJ *raspberries*, I thought I’d share at least a cute moment from today where the darling angel obsessively pulled every last item in a very full laundry basket out and tossed them as far as she could. She didn’t finish till the last sock was out. Then she put a few things back and tossed them back out again.
Tornado Baby strikes again.  (Sorry the quality sucks. I only had my phone and she was flinging stuff so quickly she would have been done by the time I got a real camera)




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