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Wordless Wednesday #4

A few years ago my husband and I spent 2 nights locked in a Las Vegas hotel room with the stomach flu.  Nice right? Two adults, one bathroom, equals hotel waitstaff who painted the proverbial red X on our door and wouldn’t even wheel the room service trays into our room.  CHICKENS!  Anyhoo, we had some time to kill on our last day in town before our flight.  Since we never made it out of our room for the entire trip we decided to make the best of the few hours we had since we were feeling a little better. OK, so my hubby was feeling better. I was still a little UGG! What did we do you ask?  We went to the Mirage to see the white tigers.  (*hint* when you go to a zoo with live animals when you have the stomach flu…. it smells REALLY, REALLY , REALLY BAAAADDDD!)  (*second hint* when you go to a zoo with live animals you might not get cute and fuzzy) WARNING!  What you are about to see can be a little graphic but I HAVE  to share it with the world!  I couldn’t just get some NORMAL pictures of the pretty cats, I had to go during their grooming sessions and some of their other natural routines.  Why couldn’t I just go and get annoyed because the animals want to do nothing but sleep and won’t show off for the human?

Clean, cleaner, cleanest

Ya, he was that close to me. No, I didn’t sit and wait all day for this.  I walked in and he decided to show me his stuff.  Um, ya. I was a little embarrassed too. 

Lion Poop

And then he needed to poop!  I’m not shitin’ ya’ll!   🙂 This really happened to me that day!

Hmmm, let’s see if I can get better luck from another tiger…..

Tiger Pee

Nope! We have tiger pee now!  WHAT IS THIS?? They need to put up warning signs!  “Warning!! Tigers and Lions might preform VERY natural activities”

Am I his lunch?

Then he went and sat in a tree and looked longingly right at me like I was a meat sandwich. 

Awww, white teddy tiger

I will never complain again about the caged animals not being more active.  Rest my pretties, rest.


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