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Rainbow Roses?

I probably should have saved this for Wordless Wednesday but I just had to share the horror with you now.

I saw these today at my local get everything including a haircut, plunger, new tires and gas, grocery store.  What is the world coming to that we had to mess with mother nature in such a way?  This is not natural. This is not they way roses are supposed to look.  They didn’t even smell nice.  They didn’t smell like anything.   


Ladies and Gents, somethings in this world are just wrong!  Wrong I tell you!  Littering is wrong. Spitting on someone’s shoe is wrong.  Stealing change from your local homeless blind man so you can pay your bus fair without breaking a dollar is…well…that’s just theft.  Anyways, folks! What do you see in this picture?  I see poor tormented living genes that were fiddled with and mutilated into something artificial. I see starving cells fed with food coloring and not healthy water.  I see mother nature getting slapped with the ugly stick. Why did the manufacturers (I can’t say cultivators because these things had to be spawned some other way then the pure wholesome way) of this tragedy in rose form feel the need to play with nature like this? For shame!  You should have your green thumbs revoked!  That or just be fed colored food till your toenails start to turn blue, pink, salmon, yellow, green, and purple.  

Oh the horror, the horror!!!!!!!

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