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Top Ten Freakiest Search Terms

I’m going to join the bloggers club and shorten your lives by a minute by sharing with you my top 10 list of search terms that have brought people to my site. (and my thoughts on them…of course) Are you ready for this?

  1. She’s her mommy’s baby she’s her daddy’s pride (How sweet!)
  2. Cat hunched down and shakes with butt up  (Huh?  Doooo whaaat? Um, why?)
  3. Moomy tube  (Um, anyone know what a “moomy” is?)
  4. Redneck wine comments (How did they know I was a wine drinking redneck?)
  5. Humorredneck (And I’m funny lookin’ too)
  6. Mommy humping (YA, baby!)
  7. Willshegag (OK, I think we’re moving into some odd territory)
  8. Mommy’s bed (And we have a theme folks!)
  9. Mommy’s feet  (I also think we have a fetish)
  10. I poop in plastic pants (OMG! Do you really?)
  11. (And the term most often searched that reaches my site is)…                     Mommy’s Panties (And I don’t think they are looking for “granny pants” )

OK, so that was 11 instead of 10 but according to the search terms that have helped these interesting characters to my site I’m a redneck with a taste for wine and I wear mommy panties and moomy tubes.  I’m also into mommy fetishes and I have an incontinence problem that only plastic pants will solve.  So I probably can’t count to 10.

Happy searching ya’ll!  Next time you type something into that little search box remember someone like me might use your curiosity as blogging fodder!


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