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Kreativ Blogger Award

A couple weeks ago a very sweet and beautiful fellow mom and blogger bestowed on me a really nice honor.  I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to mentioning it but sometimes we just have to bide our time till all the stars are aligned right?  

So without further ado here is the award she granted me:







Thank you so much Abby from Babbling Abby for honoring me this way.  This is my very first award so I’ll never forget it. To claim my prize there are a couple things I have to do. First, I’m supposed to list 7 things that I love.  This will be the easy part since I’m such a loving individual!

  1. My daughter.  She is the light of my life.
  2. My husband. Without him I would be incomplete
  3. My family. Without them I just wouldn’t be.
  4. Tennis.  Tennis for life!  It will keep me young or at least at heart. And one day when EJ becomes the next Sharapova it will also pay for my retirement.
  5. Blogging.  Where else can you dump everything that floats around in your head out and have so many people appreciate you for it?
  6. Nap time!  All you mom’s know where I’m going with this one.
  7. Spring time!  Because it’s the perfect time to be on a tennis court and kick some butt.

That’s my love list.  I could probably go on and on but that might get dull and when have you known me to be dull?  A little on the left side of normal but never dull. 

The next part of my obligation to this award is to pass it on to 7 other wonderful bloggers that I can’t go a day without popping in on to see what’s happening in their worlds.  You make me feel like I’m not a crazy lunatic and I appreciate you all everyday!  And everyone else should too!  NOW!  I COMMAND YOU TO GO CHECK OUT THEIR STUFF!

  1. The Baby Making Machine  This funny endearing young woman isn’t a mom yet but she is on a quest to learn everything there has to do with baby.  When she finally steps on that path she will be able to teach all the rest of us what to do.    
  2. The Bantering Blonde  She’s just too funny for words!  I think she’s already received this award before but she deserves it again!
  3. Jennifer Suarez   I thought I saw this award on her site before also but I might be wrong.  Either way she deserves it again too.  One day I hope I get to meet you in person!  
  4. Little Toes and Cheerios  I mean who wouldn’t love a blog with that name?
  5. Confessions of a Mid Life Truckers Wife.  Funny, funny lady and it’s a treat to be able to read her blog everyday!  
  6. My Twisted Blog  Because I want to be the 4th person to give you this award!  And because you really deserve it!  Love your site and your humor!  High five!
  7. Stomped Monster  An incredibly funny mom with a sense of humor that always gets my giggle.

So I’ve done my duties.  I probably could have gone on and on with the list of funny, wonder blogs I read everyday.  This just was the tip of the iceberg and if I left out anyone I’ll get you the next time someone sends me a wonderful award like this one.  

Thanks again Abby!  I really hope that one day when our kids grow up that they will get married and make lots of Grand baby toes for us to gobble!

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