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Bloggers! Do You Air Your Dirty Laundry?

I just wrote something that I’m terribly tempted to post and share with the blogosphere.  A story that involves unwed pregnancy, abuse, intolerance, and then finally tolerance. A story that could have me hung by my toenails and beaten with wet noodles by my family.  A story that just might not be appreciated by someone I love as much as someone I don’t know, a reader, might learn from it.  I had to weigh the pros and cons.  Air some dirt, potentially upsetting some family balance but hopefully helping someone else with our story, or hit the delete key and keep my family’s sacred secrets private?  I did neither.  I chose to file the post away under the name… Maybe one day. 

I know many of my readers are fellow bloggers so I have some questions for you, how many times have you written something and then realized the impact of what you wrote could haunt you, and bring old buried emotions to the surface, for years to come? And then you either store away your post or simply wipe away history by hitting the delete key?  As writers of public/personal blogs there is a certain distance we get to maintain from our readers if we choose.  We can stay anonymous and only write about funny things. We can keep to a theme and not write anything personal.  Or we can choose to open our family vaults and share our lives and histories.  This is where I have questions for you.  As bloggers, do we have a responsibility to censor ourselves as we would when speaking to strangers or  should we write like we would when sharing things with our own families behind closed doors?  Especially when the story written is about our own families? And I’m not talking about the time when you sister’s boyfriend’s mother walked in while they were having sex and released her attack poodle on the poor unsuspecting boyfriend.  I’m talking nitty gritty, skeletons in the closet, family secrets.  “How much of your dirty laundry do you share with the world or do you keep to a theme in your blog?

Comments are open.  

Please twitter twitter-bird this too so we can get a good dialog flowing.   I think it might be interesting to see where this goes.

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