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Carnivorous Baby Broccoli Eater

I’ve come to the conclusion that my daughter is a carnivore!  I mean a true, meat eating, teeth gnashing, carnivore.  I know, you think I’m over dramatizing it…again, but I FINALLY got my little girl to eat a green veggie!  I know all you parents out there know what I’m talking about!  The “dreaded green veggie”.  The plant life that, according to a child, should be left in the dirt out side and not be on their plates, and certainly not in their precious little mouths.  And, if we love them, we will just give in and give them chicken nuggets every meal of their lives.   Well, Moms and Dads, I found the solution to at least my little devil’s, aaahem, sweet innocent darling angel’s issue with greens.  Meat juice.  

Tonight, as my daughter was stuffing hand full after hand full of pork roast into her greedy little mouth, I was staring at the broccoli on my plate soaking up the juice from my own piece of roast and I thought, why not?  What’s the worst that can happen?  Will she shudder like she’s having a mini seizure because I stuck a piece of “food” in her mouth that tasted like ear wax?   Will she spit it out *raspberries* style all over the place, showering me, and everything within spitting range, with chewed up green goo?  Will she gag like she was poisoned? And will she barf everything she just ate up just because I dared to shove a vegetable in her?  Hmmmmm,  been there done all that, let’s give it a go, duck and cover, and see what happens.  

I decided I had to place the offensive food on her tray in a manor as to not create suspicions. Acting as if I was innocently shoveling more cut up bits of tasty stuff, like the meat I prepared for, on there.  Meanwhile crossing my fingers hoping that she wouldn’t notice the offending color and refuse to even sample it.  We did have a moment when she looked at the mini-tree like broccoli with a look that would match a diplomat’s suspicions about the strange white powder sprinkled on their toast.    But, since my carnivorous little girl is also the bravest little tyke I’ve ever seen, she took a bite of the meat laced veggie.   And yes folks, she did an automatic shutter.  But only a small tremor on the richter scale.  And then…… she took another bite!!!!!!!  And then another!!!!!  “OMG!  She’s eating it”, Dear Hubby and whispered to each other, too afraid to make a big deal about it risking her turning her nose up at it out of principle.  And then……..Screeching halt to the eating…. Damn! What happened?  Does she know I was trying to give her health food?  Does she really know that it will give her gas?  Does she know I tricked her?  Am I about to take a broccoli bath?

But then I took the chance and forked a small piece and ate it myself.  Making a big animated deal about how yummy it was.  Then I attempted to feed another piece to the child who was staring me down with very vivid veggie suspicions.  And….She ate it.  Then I fed her some more.  Then I fed her the entire serving even scraping the leftovers from the tray.  

Wow!  She did it!  She ate a full serving of green veggies!  And I didn’t have to coat it with cheese or ranch dressing.  Only a slight coating of meat juice.  Who would a thunk it?!?  Tomorrow night we’ll try green beans laced with beef broth.  I’m fairly certain my daughter will never be capable of being a vegetarian unless her veggies are covered in something that used to moo, crow, or snort. Watch out herbivores, baby T-rex is out there waiting to eat you.

Happy Thursday ya’ll!


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