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I Could…

I’m sitting here waiting for the magical clock to tic faster.  I had a tennis match that was supposed to start at 9:00 this morning and we postponed till 10:00 because the courts were wet.  I’m dreaming up ideas of going over there and using my leaf blower as a giant hair dryer.  I’ve seen it done before… I think.  But this wait is KILLING me!  I could do so many other things right now.  I could go to the gym. I could go do the dishes.  I could go and hang out with my husband and chit chat.  Oh wait, chit chat doesn’t work with half sleepy husband.   It always gets mistaken for “questioning him” if its too early in the morning.

 We have a deal.  I keep the chatter to a minimum first thing in the morning and he does the same for me when we are going to bed at night.   We have plenty of time to catch up during the waking hours and this just keeps the peace otherwise.  Although, sometimes I’ll admit to enjoying poking the bear in the mornings when I’ll pester him about what he’s doing that day.  A few “so what are going to do then….?”  will drive him batty.   Aww, married life.

Lets see, what else could I do right now while I’m waiting for concrete to dry???  I could go cook my cranky husband a nice breakfast.  I could give myself a pedicure.  I could start the laundry.  I could clean something…anything.  I could go wake my daughter up and feed her. That’s Hubby’s usual AM duty.  I could go through the mail that’s piled up over the last few days.  I could eat something myself.  I could give the dogs a bath.  Boo.  I could relax like the lady of leisure I wish I could be.   I could start working on the invite list to a party I’m having in May.  I could… I could… I could…

Maybe I could  just start with getting out of bed.

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