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I Survived!

I’ve now been welcomed into another layer of the “Mommy club”.  The section that deals with babies with fevers that make them cranky with whimpers that simply tear your heart out.  Sunday afternoon EJ started getting really clingy and nothing would convince her that she really didn’t need to be stuck to my leg like she was accidentally super glued there.  Little did I know that shortly after that my little growth would soon turn into the pitiful little miserable sprite that makes all your Mommy instincts kick into full force.  She was running a fever of 102 by the time I decided to offend her and take it.  Yes, I have an ear thermometer but I still stick to the concept, and to what all the books say, that bottom is the best for accuracy.  EJ may not believe me, and may find a way to seek revenge for the frequent…um…invasions, but that was a risk I was willing to take.  So there I was, with my cranky, miserable, and frequently indignant baby ripping my heart to shreds with her desire to cling to her Mommy because she felt crummy.  

I think I did pretty well in the midst of the minor crisis.  I never did lose it or make any phone calls to her doctor in the middle of the night demanding she fix my baby right now.  I have to pat myself on the back.  I took it all in stride. Even with the middle of the night freak out, on her part, that in turn caused us to eventually bring her into bed with us, helping me discover that she can kick like a mule when she’s asleep.  As that is a topic I really haven’t covered on this blog yet I’ll just say, co-sleeping wasn’t for our family.  While her parents were open to the idea of EJ spending the first few months of her life with us in the same room she had different ideas, refusing to sleep until she was tucked away in her own little space.  When you see me joke about the fact that she is 10 months, or what ever her current age is, going on teenager, you know why.  It started when she turned 1 month old with her demand to be left alone. “Go away Moooommmmm…you’re emmmbaaarrriising meeee!”  

Where was I??? Oh, ya.  I survived her misery without showing too much of mine.  I even got a nice cheap thrill out of the fact that all she really wanted was her Mommy.  Daddy would go to pick her up and snuggle her and she would tolerate him for only a minute before she wanted me again.  I am humbled by her need for me.  

She started feeling better mid-day today and had some time where she unglued herself from my chest and played, however sticking close to me and refusing to show off her new ability to walk to either of the guests that appeared for a short visit.  She’s stubborn like me, damn-it!   By this evening she was still running a small fever but nothing near as bad as the night before.  I can only guess she really is feeling better and was “over” the whole sick thing since she didn’t want to go to sleep tonight.  That’s where I’m at right now.  I just got her to finally chill out enough to sleep and that means I finally get to go to sleep.  If I stop trying to write for all of you….. Not that I don’t love ya!  But…see ya later snoozaroonies!

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