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Tennis Addict

I think I mentioned in my last post about how sore I am right now.  Oh My Goddess!!!!!   Lets just get the whining over with shall we?  I’ll start with my feet and work my way up.  My toes are sore.  My ankle hurts like a bomb went off in it. My calves burn. My knees are sore too.  I was walking down my staircase and for a minute I thought it was the steps creaking before I realized it was me.  My thighs freakin’ hurt. I think they are screaming a random angry chick song but I can’t understand the lyrics. My hips feel like I’ve been playing Gumby for days.  My stomach muscles think I hate them.  My ribs are screaming “don’t eat me”  My shoulders feel like someone tied ropes to my arms and swung me around… just for fun.  My elbows are achy.  Even my fingers are sore.  Did you know you had muscles in your fingers?  My neck…. really isn’t so bad and my head is finally not sneezing like a pollen infested bag was put over my head.  

What happened to me you might ask?  Nuthen’  I’m a tennis addict!  Or didn’t I mention that before?


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