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Spring Is In The Air

Ouch!  I’m sore but it’s worth it.  I spent all day yesterday in the flower beds making things pretty.  I can feel proud that I accomplished that.   And I can feel pleased that the weather allowed this spring time activity for me.  I really love this time of year.  80 degrees and beautiful.  Let me apologize now to any of my northern readers who are still freezing your ta ta’s off and may think I’m bragging.  But, when you’re sitting around with a beautiful summer that tops off at 80 degrees I’ll be hiding in my house, trying not to get near anything that has to do with outside and the thermometer topping 100 degrees which can make your eyeballs melt and butt burn when you get in your car.

So I did enjoy my time out there.  And had a VERY cute moment when Hubs stood EJ up in on the window sill.  She grabbed onto the frame above her head so she was stretched out.  She kinda reminded me of one of the suction cup Garfields.  I also watched my crazy, obsessive compulsive dog stare into one of the bigger bushes in the same bed for 2 hours straight!  She was looking into the bush so intently I started conjuring up images of deadly raccoons or evil squirrels hiding in there waiting to eat my face off the minute I worked to close to it.  But after a bit I saw my dog jump up and try to bite at something.  That’s when I realized that all was safe.  She was stalking a bee or bees that were visiting the buds on the bush.  For 2 hours!!!!  Ya, she’s nuts.  But yeah!!!  Bees!  That means the flowers I planted will get all pretty and pollinated!  

After all that planting I ran off to the tennis courts to play a few sets with my tennis ladies and practice for a “real” match I have on Friday .  Always so much competitive fun.  Although I could barely hit the ball.  Too much time spent bent over in the flower bed.  It’s kinda really bad for a forehand.  But I still had fun and that’s all that matters for this practice.  I’ll just have to avoid doing any hard yard work for the rest of the week so I can play better on Friday.  Bummer, Hubs will have to do the rest.  (hehehe)

Yep folks, I’ve had a nice day yesterday!  Luck of the Irish perhaps?  Either way I hope the feeling lasts.  So heres to beautiful fully, and not half finished, planted flower beds, playing some tennis with the girls, and to not waking up with a green beer hangover.


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