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Today’s Plinky: Are You A Handywoman?

I’m a very handy woman. In a lot of ways my husband is more domestic than I am. My most impressive thing I’ve repaired is a toilet. I know, it doesn’t sound like much but keep reading.

I used to work/married into the business for a boat rental company who’s office was at the end of a long pier on a lake marina. During high lake traffic times the public bathrooms there would just get slammed. Let me remind everyone how disgusting humans are sometimes…. Anyways, one of the toilets in the two potty unisex system kept malfunctioning. But since people are so disgusting they would just ignore the out of order sign on the door, which I had practically taped shut with duct-tape, and used it anyways. This caused its own set of troubles since we couldn’t flush the toilet without dumping buckets of water in it. Finally I had enough of that extra problem and took to fixing the toilet myself. There I was sitting backwards on the pot with tools sticking out of my pockets, elbow deep in the tank. Believe it or not I STILL had stupid people asking me if I would leave for a minute so they could use it!!! HELLO! Didn’t the pipe wrench in my back pocket clue you in to the fact that it’s OUT OF ORDER or did you miss the fact that I didn’t have my pants pulled down and was sitting backwards on the pot with elbow deep in the tank!! Or did you just miss the OUT OF ORDER sign? It was crazy!!

The way I fixed it was pretty nuts too. Long story short it needed some weight to get the “flapper” to close so I ended up tying fishing weights to it to help draw it down in between flushes. Worked like a charm for the whole summer till the management of the marina finely felt they could devote the $20 bucks to just replace the guts of the toilet.

I’ll never forget those good times!

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