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Can’t Spell For Shiznet!

It’s been pointed out to me by a few people that I misspelled several words in my last post.   Yes, I know, I forgot to use the spell checker before publishing it.  My secret is out.  I can’t spell for s**t!  Why this is, is anyones guess.  I’ve spent my life writing and reading and sucking up just about anything that had words into my eyeballs and yet I still can’t spell.  I suck at math too so I’m thinking they’re connected somewhere in all the rapid firing, electrically charged, areas of my brain.  It’s that one dark spot that has something sticky on it.  

My family has had suspicions that I was doomed from birth.  My grandmother and father are both terrible spellers.  I at least had the fortune to have been born into the age of technology and having parents wise enough to realize that my lack of spelling ability might not be my lack of interest in being the class spelling bee champ.  That was the day they went out and bought me this cute little hand held electronic spelling aid.  Kinda like an electric dictionary. Type in the word in what ever butchered fashion I thought it should be spelled and out would pop the true spelling.  It was a great day for me and for all us that are alphabetically challenged. Thank you Tandy. 

For all of my readers out there that visit this blog and who have given me the confidence to keep writing everyday, thank you!  It would be rather boring to write and not have anyone read it.   You rock my world!  And to you I send this apology for not being too perfect and a little dysfunctional by being incapable of spelling the word disgusting without my handy spell checker.

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