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Da, Da, DaDa, daaa…. It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s Super Mom!

My mind is on baby food today.  Why am I thinking about squishy food that too closely resembles baby poo you ask? Because I’m having a hard time accepting that my local grocery store seems to think it’s only MY job to check expiration dates on things.  This is the “short” story of my recent baby food aggravations:

A few days ago I packed up the family and we headed to our local grocery store to load up on all the essentials of life. Bread, milk, Rocky Road… You get the idea.  But along with the delicious, life giving, ADULT brain food (i.e.,. Rocky Road) I also needed to stock up on some baby food.  Mom’s of the world, you know what its like.  Every grocery trip you find yourself staring at the wall of different brands and flavors of baby food as if it’s the wall of shame.  Cringing at the thought of feeding your child this packaged, strained, but easy goodness.  Criticizing yourself for not being a better mommy by making all the baby food that you swore you were going to make before your children were actually born.  Trying to remember what you imagined it would be like blending and mixing all your children’s favorite flavors together meanwhile saving TONS of money.  Oh what a Super Mom you were going to be.  Then you find that, while making the baby food isn’t that hard in theory, finding the time to do it is IMPOSSIBLE!  

Oh sure, its possible if you live in a larger size home where your child’s napping space is located a mile away from the kitchen where they can’t hear the knives cutting, blender blending, and water boiling oh so loudly.  But um, I don’t.  And yes I swear my child can hear the water boiling.  Oh, and lets not forget the screaming baby, whos head is about to pop off,  is done with their nap while your still trying to fill all those little ice cube trays with squished pears before they turn all sorts of unsavory colors.  (Hmmm, maybe Little Johnny will eat the brown fruit?)  So finding the time to make this Super Mom baby food is almost as impossible as going to the bathroom with the door shut.  At this point Super Mom is facing a tough choice and she has to settle for the wonder that is pre-made baby food.  This is why all the Super Moms eventually find themselves in front of this wall of baby food trying to figure out what our  little tots will like best.  We don’t want to waste money buying and opening a jar on a picky baby who takes one bite and acts like you put acid on their tongues, but you’re trying so hard to not have your kid live on only peaches.  And this is when Super Mom caves.  We give up trying to rationalize out our guilty feelings by telling ourselves that you’re not going to buy the jar of sweet potatoes since you can make that one easily at home.  So our children get 9 servings of pre-made baby food and 1 serving of true Super Mom love.  

If your child is anything like mine this will be the time when she decides she doesn’t like sweet potatoes anymore.  Ho Hum!  I’ll hand in my title of Super Mom now. 

Anyhoo, I think I got off track somewhere.  Sorry, it’s from the mind numbing prospect of another baby food run.  What I’m really hot under the collar about, and where I really meant to go with this post, is that twice this week I opened a container of food and it just didn’t seem “right”.  I have no desire to find out why a container of mixed fruit baby food starts getting chunky after only a little time past its expiration date.  ( Really, truly, I don’t want to know the answer to that question since I’m still trying to get over the shame of giving up on being Super Mom. So if you know the answer keep it to yourself please. ) But there it was, suspicious looking enough to make me look at the date.   I JUST bought it not two days before and it was two WEEKS past its expiration date!  Um, hello local grocery store!!!  I can understand missing the occasional item but one would think that baby food aisle would be the first place you would start!!!!  Or did I miss something in the “Things That Are Important In Life” manual? 

 This isn’t the first time this has happened too.  Of course I was furious.  I took the stuff back and gave the manager a rather nice ass chewing.  I’m still a good Super Mom like that.  But what really got me seeing red was another incident that happened in the store right after that.  I went over to the baby food aisle to grab replacements for the expired nastiness and found that there was still tons of the same expired baby food on the shelves.  I took one off the shelf and took it to the employee that stands around by the check out lines and acts like he helps people get into their lines faster (they always act as if they have a little more authority than the stockers so I thought it was a good bone headed idea at the time….) and told him that there was a ton of expired baby food on the shelves.  He told me he would have someone take care of it right a way acting like he seemed really concerned.  Fine.  But when I told him my story about how this wasn’t the first time this has happened, and it seems to be a trend in this store, he tells me that as a consumer we should always check to make sure our food isn’t expired before we buy it.  He does have a point, but the way he said it was like he was telling me it was MY JOB.  NOT HIS!    I’ve got enough on my plate trying to be Super Mom and now I have to play stocker at my local grocery store!  WTF people!  I had to bail out of the store quickly at that point before I found the manager again, and using my mommy ESP, made her eyes burn as I railed at her for the further aggravation this over blown stock boy gave me.  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10  breath….  If anyone works at a grocery store and is reading this right now please go check your baby food aisle!  The Super Mom’s of the world need your help!

I’ll end my story with this.  After giving up and buying pre-made baby food, and teaching my daughter that great food always comes with a side of preservatives, I now get to check all the dates on all the items I toss in my shopping cart each week.  As if I didn’t have enough to do.  I guess I at least get to adopt back the title of Super Mom again, but I’d rather just be mom.

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