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Lime Green Baby

Tonight we stripped EJ down to her skivvies and plunked her in front of a bowl of lime green Jello.  She smushed and squished.  Splatted and patted.  Squirted and squeezed.  She found it fascinating how it would mush between her fingers.  She discovered that if she squeezed her fingers open and closed fast enough her hand would make a cute little slurping sound.  She kept trying to get the goo all the way to her mouth with little success instead find it slowly slithering down her little naked baby chest, leaving behind green slimy rivers of Jello like she was attacked by lime green snails.  Mommy finally took pity on her and spoon fed some of the yummy goodness into her waiting mouth, which eventually turned her tongue lime green.  After the spooning she continued to play in the sea of lime green on her highchair tray cramming her hand into her mouth like it was a lime green popsicle, then slapping at the puddles making them splatter everywhere, including her into her hair.  Mind you her hair is a light, light brown color.  Well…it was.  

When mommy decided the fun time had to end before EJ painted the ceiling there was some sadness, but the fun resumed when we got to sit in the sink and get sprayed off with the sprayer.  That was a new experience that was greatly enjoyed, almost as much as smashing Jello.  But we might as well have sprayed her off with lime green water for all the left over lime green stains on her little, now lime green, body.  

Oy vey!  I have a lime green baby.  I always knew, from the time she started playing the bongos on my kidneys, that she had to be part alien.   Suspicions confirmed.

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